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Implementing GDPR is within your organization's reach

By Paul Crocetti 19 Feb 2018

Many companies still aren't prepared for the GDPR as its deadline looms. The advice in this handbook can help you tackle data protection and management issues. Read More

DoJ breaks up Infraud Organization with some help

By Peter Loshin 08 Feb 2018

The U.S . Department of Justice announced the shutdown of the Infraud Organization, which authorities claim is responsible for global cyberfraud losses in excess of $530 million. Read More

Six ransomware prevention tips for healthcare organizations

By Reda Chouffani 19 Dec 2017

As cyberattackers continue to find new ways to hold data for ransom, the onus is on healthcare organizations to prevent ransomware before it can infect users' machines. Read More

Evaluate public IaaS options for your organization

05 Dec 2017

Despite a steady increase in IaaS adoption, it's crucial to carefully evaluate potential providers and their feature sets before you move to public cloud. Read More

Relaxed security lets email phishing sink an organization

By Kevin Beaver 04 Dec 2017

Email phishing attacks are often the result of incomplete security. IT pros must follow a strict security protocol to protect organizations from these types of vulnerabilities. Read More

VMware Workspace One helps Western Digital organize 3,000 apps

By Alyssa Provazza 15 Feb 2018

The application portal in VMware Workspace One allowed IT to streamline app delivery, and the product's cloud-based model proved the right fit for administration. Read More

How a technology advisory group can benefit organizations

By Kevin McDonald 28 Nov 2017

A technology advisory group can have an irreplaceable impact on an organization. Kevin McDonald explains how volunteer advisors can aid law enforcement and other organizations. Read More

Which VMware NSX editions are suited for your organization's needs?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 30 Jan 2018

There are four VMware NSX editions, each with its own feature set. Learn more about these features and whether they meet the needs of your infrastructure. Read More

How can cloud management apps organize data across clouds?

By Amy Larsen DeCarlo 29 Jan 2018

If you need to pull together different data sets, cloud management apps can track information workloads across multiple clouds and present the data in a simplified way. Read More

Health IT outsourcing helps organizations manage costs

By Reda Chouffani 30 Oct 2017

Healthcare organizations that want to work toward high-visibility initiatives may want to consider outsourcing IT support as a way to free up internal resources. Read More