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How to introduce Chrome OS in the enterprise

By Cliff Saran 15 Feb 2018

We test a corporate desktop IT environment, running on CloudReady, a version of Chrome OS that can run on PCs and Macs Read More

Thor's OS Xodus

28 Nov 2017

In this excerpt from chapter one of Thor's OS Xodus, author Timothy "Thor" Mullen discusses OS X, privacy, and online safety. Read More

IT can block iOS updates in iOS 11.3 — finally!

By Colin Steele 25 Jan 2018

Apple admins have long dreamed of the day when they could block iOS updates. With the iOS 11.3 update, that day will soon be here for supervised devices. Read More

GD library: How did it open the Junos OS to attacks?

By Nick Lewis 20 Feb 2018

The GD library used in the Junos operating system has opened Junos up to attacks. Nick Lewis explains how it happened and what it means for companies using open source software. Read More

What are the best iOS 11 enterprise features?

By Matt Schulz 30 Nov 2017

Changes to how IT can enroll Apple devices in mobile device management and how users can multitask will provide a boost to iOS 11 in the enterprise. Read More