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New privacy fears as IT challenges delay surveillance oversight body by a year

By Bill Goodwin 02 Mar 2018

IT challenges have delayed government plans for an independent body to authorise requests to access the public’s internet and phone records by nearly a year, raising new legal and privacy concerns Read More

Oversight of mobile medical apps clarified in FDA draft guidance

By Tayla Holman 08 Dec 2017

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued new draft guidance clarifying its oversight of mobile medical apps. Furthermore, the agency will loosen its regulations for certain technologies it ... Read More

Compliance, security and oversight for the mobile enterprise

By Linda Tucci 21 Apr 2017

Managing mobile devices just keeps getting harder. Devices and apps are proliferating. Every data breach seems to prompt new rules. We lay out the problem and a plan. Read More

Oversight of intelligence agencies’ data sharing has ‘failed’, court hears

By Bill Goodwin 25 Oct 2017

UK’s intelligence services lack adequate oversight and written guidelines when sharing databases of sensitive information, Privacy International argues in secret court Read More

AV security - unwelcome guests and visual oversight?

By Rob Bamforth 03 Feb 2017

Just who and what have you got connected to the network? If it was just a matter of regular IT products and employees, that would be hard enough. Now all manner of smart devices and itinerant ... Read More

Exchange database maintenance requires oversight

By Neil Hobson 01 Jul 2016

Don't assume Exchange 2010 database maintenance is happening; administrators should check the event log and performance counter to ensure an Exchange database repair or recovery isn't required. Read More

Security Think Tank: Governance and oversight key to data integrity

By Tim Holman 08 Feb 2017

What type of organisations are likely to be targeted by data integrity breaches, and how can they best detect and mitigate against such attacks? Read More

Are nonprofit organizations subject to FTC data security oversight?

By Mike Chapple 13 Jul 2016

Are nonprofit organizations, like higher education institutions, subject to FTC data security regulations and oversight? Expert Mike Chapple explains. Read More

Taking a look at network automation tools to ease oversight

By Eamon McCarthy Earls 16 Dec 2015

This week, bloggers explore network automation tools, how vendors must promote disaggregated switching and if it's time for a networking version of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Read More

System management vendors target full-stack oversight

By Eamon McCarthy Earls 09 Dec 2015

This week, bloggers explore a new breed of system management vendors, networking takeaways from the VTech breach, and endpoint detection and response. Read More