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On the World Wide Web, a page is a file notated with the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).Read More

Cloud content management system improves page load speeds

By Don Fluckinger 25 Jan 2018

Digital asset management remains in-house for most media companies. A cloud offering for video, image storage and editing helps Concourse Media better serve users on many devices. Read More

Hold The Front Page: Common Sense Prevails In IT Security Shock!

By Steve Broadhead 09 Jan 2018

IT is overloaded with slick marketing terms that have little or no substance behind them – the classic “solution searching for a problem” scenario but… just occasionally the complete opposite prevails Read More

HSBC uses IBM to automate the processing of 100 million document pages

By Karl Flinders 11 Aug 2017

In another instance of banks adopting automation to lower costs and drive productivity, HSBC uses IBM analytics technology to cut down on its paper trail Read More

First step in the DevOps process? Get everyone on the same page

By Gary Gruver 10 Aug 2017

DevOps is more than pushing code to production your first day on the job or playing with feature toggles. The DevOps process requires cross-silo cooperation. DevOps is hard. Read More

Xerox Turns a Page: Pledges Commitment to Core Markets

By Louella Fernandes 13 Dec 2016

On 7th December 2016, Xerox held an Investor Conference to outline its business strategy and long-term financial model as a standalone company. It expects the separation of the two companies – ... Read More

What is a Single-Page Application (SPA)?

By Adrian Bridgwater 06 Jul 2016

Software analytics company New Relic will now support web applications built with current and future Single-Page Application (SPA) frameworks and libraries. But what is a SPA anyway? Read More

Public cloud and big banks finally on the same page

By Trevor Jones 09 Nov 2016

Public cloud and big banks weren't always a good fit, but financial juggernauts have gone beyond their four walls to test the waters of hyperscale cloud computing. Read More

The life, death and resurrection of transparent page sharing

By Stuart Burns 25 Oct 2016

TPS was a useful memory management feature until VMware turned it off over security concerns. Fortunately, you can restore its full functionality with a few simple steps. Read More