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Meltdown and Spectre: to patch or not to patch

By Cliff Saran 18 Jan 2018

As IT recoils from the Spectre and Meltdown chip exploits, companies face patches that are incompatible, leading to crashes, reduced performance and lock-ups Read More

Spectre patches highlight January 2018 Patch Tuesday

By Michael Heller 10 Jan 2018

Microsoft's January 2018 Patch Tuesday brings Meltdown and Spectre patches to users, except those on AMD chipsets or those with incompatible antivirus. Read More

Beware fake Meltdown and Spectre patches

By Warwick Ashford 16 Jan 2018

Security experts have warned that cyber attackers will be quick to use the Meltdown and Spectre exploits, but the first attempt to capitalise on them has come in the form of fake updates Read More

Meltdown and Spectre patches and mitigations released

By Michael Heller 04 Jan 2018

Vendors released the vulnerability disclosures and patches for the new Meltdown and Spectre CPU attacks as the infosec industry begins mitigating risks. Read More

Perfecting the patch management process within enterprises

08 Feb 2018

Patching enterprise systems and software can be a daunting challenge. Charles Kao explains how the patch management process should work and what pitfalls to avoid. Read More

SUSE serves up Linux kernel patching, live & hot

By Adrian Bridgwater 06 Feb 2018

If there’s one thing that Linux needs to aid its march onwards it is (arguably) more enterprise robustness. Actually, if there’s one thing that Linux needs for enterprise success it’s firms like ... Read More

Businesses urged to patch against cryptocurrency-mining botnet

By Warwick Ashford 01 Feb 2018

Researchers have uncovered further evidence that cyber criminals are cashing in on the popularity of cryptocurrencies, with the discovery of a global cryptocurrency-mining botnet Read More

Critical Cisco ASA vulnerability patched against remote attacks

By Michael Heller 30 Jan 2018

Experts urge users to patch a new Cisco ASA vulnerability that earned the most critical CVSS score of 10.0 and could lead to remote code execution and denial of service attacks. Read More

Hours lost on patching Meltdown and Spectre flaw

By Cliff Saran 25 Jan 2018

IT administrators have already lost hours installing the processor patch from Intel, which causes PCs to lock up and systems to crash and slow down Read More

Intel Now Advises Against Installing Spectre Patches!

By Ed Tittel 24 Jan 2018

Because of widely-reported issues with reboots and system stability, Intel now advises against installing Spectre patches! Read More