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A patent is a government-awarded license that grants the inventor of a product or process exclusive ...Read More

Cloud-centric IBM patents promise payoff

By Darryl K. Taft 22 Feb 2018

IBM plans to commercialize investments in cloud R&D into products, services and tools that draw new customers. Read More

Patents = innovation? Maybe not

By Billy MacInnes 11 Jan 2017

Just because a company files lots of patents does not necessarily mean that innovation is alive and well argues Billy MacInnes Read More

Azure program defends customer IP against patent trolls

By Trevor Jones 10 Feb 2017

Microsoft defends customers' intellectual property against cloud patent trolls under a new program, as open source takes on greater relevance in Azure. Read More

Patent group prepares for tough data protection laws by moving HR to the cloud

By Bill Goodwin 09 Jun 2017

CPA Global to replace ERP-based HR system as it gears up to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation Read More

Netskope nabs another patent for CASB technology

By Rob Wright 18 Aug 2016

Netskope's second patent for its cloud access security broker techhnology illustrates how the CASB market is evolving and what that means for potential investors and suitors. Read More

Samsung wins Supreme Court case in patent battle with Apple

By Warwick Ashford 07 Dec 2016

Samsung has won the right to a review of the $548m it paid Apple for infringing iPhone patents Read More

Cisco patent infringement avoided, new Arista OSes OK to import

By Antone Gonsalves 22 Nov 2016

Federal officials have cleared Arista's newer switches for importation to the U.S. after trade officials found older Arista products in violation of three Cisco patents. Read More

Huawei sues Samsung alleging patent violations

By Alex Scroxton 25 May 2016

Huawei has filed lawsuits in China and the US, accusing Samsung of infringing a number of its patents relating to mobile technologies Read More

Patent race picks up speed in the cloud access security broker market

By Rob Wright 06 Oct 2016

SkyHigh Networks was awarded another patent for its CASB platform. The newest patent is for technology for managing encrypted enterprise data used in cloud applications and services. Read More

Netskope awarded patent for cloud visibility, governance

By Rob Wright 21 Mar 2016

Netskope earned a patent for its CASB services delivery method, which intelligently "steers" enterprise traffic to cloud apps and applies security controls to those apps. Read More