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Commercial PC market continues to deliver

By Simon Quicke 01 Feb 2018

An analysis of the market from Context indicates that the year ended strongly for those selling into the commercial market Read More

Commercial market driving PC sales growth

By Simon Quicke 27 Feb 2018

A market analysis from Context has indicated that commercial PC sales are driving growth on that side of the hardware market Read More

Top 10 PC stories of 2017

By Cliff Saran 19 Dec 2017

It has been a good year for the PC business, which is starting to show signs of growth. From an end-user perspective, 2017 is also the year of new user interfaces Read More

Three PC lifecycle management options IT should consider

By Gary Olsen 07 Feb 2018

IT pros can use PCs and laptops until they stop working, or they can set up a lifecycle management plan that retires them after a certain period of time. Read More

Win10 PC Brick-Avoidance Techniques

By Ed Tittel 12 Jan 2018

When updating BIOSes or firmware, or upgrading Windows 10, it's wise to practice Win10 PC brick-avoidance techniques. Read More

Why the PC?

By Billy MacInnes 25 Nov 2015

Apple's CEO might have mused on the reasons for a PC in the age of the iPad Pro and he has got Billy MacInnes thinking about the humble desktop and its role Read More

Wyse announces new PC to thin client converter along with other software updates

By Jack Madden 31 Jan 2018

Wyse is also announcing ThinOS 8.5, Wyse Management Suite 1.1, and a Windows kiosk tool called Wyse Easy Setup. Read More

PC market decline coming to an end

By Priyanka Ketkar 15 Aug 2017

The PC market decline has encouraged vendors to innovate in order to survive. With this and several other factors, the decline is set to see a marked slowdown. Read More

Support from Gartner for the 'PC lives on' argument

By Simon Quicke 18 Oct 2017

Desktops and laptops have taken a bit of a klcking over the last few years but things are looking decent for 2018 Read More

Acer, ASUS and HP want to make Alexa easy PC

By David McClelland 12 Jan 2018

As sociable as Amazon’s smart assistant may at first appear, Alexa has never mixed well with Windows. Until now. Historically, Alexa has played nicely with smart speakers, TV sticks, robots, ... Read More