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Avaya adds AI voice assistant to desk phones

By Jonathan Dame 08 Feb 2018

Avaya has created an AI voice assistant application for desk phones. AI voice assistant platforms could make mundane tasks easier for office workers. Read More

Why police forces need to be honest about mass mobile phone surveillance

By Alon Aviram 13 Feb 2018

Police forces across the UK are covering up their use of sophisticated mass surveillance devices, known as IMSI-catchers - the Bristol Cable and Liberty are campaigning for proper transparency Read More

Beer, pee and charge phone

By Cliff Saran 13 Jun 2017

Among those ever present first world problems is how to keep your phone charged - especially if you are out on the razz. The University of the West of England may have just the answer. It has ... Read More

The iPhone X isn’t ready for the enterprise, but that’s okay

By Melanie Seekins 16 Jan 2018

However, thanks to our old friends BYOD and consumerization, it might be a pain anyway. Read More

The iPhone and other top smartphones for business

By Cliff Saran 29 Jun 2017

The iPhone from Apple is 10 years old. It began a revolution in smartphones. We look at the top devices that predated the iPhone and some new innovations Read More

Cisco Security Connector watches activity on iPhone, iPad

By Antone Gonsalves 15 Dec 2017

Cisco launches a security app for Apple iOS devices. The Cisco Security Connector lets companies protect network activity generated by employees using corporate iPhones and iPads. Read More

Free phone service could boost Dialpad's UCaaS status

By Katherine Finnell 14 Dec 2017

UCaaS provider Dialpad is offering a free cloud telephony service that integrates with G Suite, while a new partner program offers Workplace by Facebook support. Read More

Contactless payments through mobile phones no longer a novelty

By Karl Flinders 18 Aug 2017

The amount of contactless payments made through mobile devices increased by 336% compared with 2016, according to figures from Worldpay Read More

Getting mobile phone apps iPhone certified and Play Store published

By Tom Nolle 10 May 2017

So you've developed a mobile phone app. What's next? Here we explore getting mobile phone apps iPhone certified and Play Store published. Read More

Researchers bypass iPhone X security feature Face ID

By Madelyn Bacon 17 Nov 2017

News roundup: In under a week after its release, researchers were able to bypass the main iPhone X security feature, Face ID. Plus, Microsoft patched a 17-year-old flaw, and more. Read More