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Pi is a numerical constant that represents the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter on a ...Read More

Key considerations when transitioning from Pi to production

By Justin Rigling 04 Oct 2017

To determine which IoT gateway best supports your technical and budget requirements, advises Rigado's Justin Rigling, start with these five considerations. Read More

Hertfordshire pilots NHS Digital’s Raspberry Pi telehealth kit

By Lis Evenstad 28 Sep 2017

Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust becomes first healthcare provider to trial open source telehealth system originally developed by NHS Digital using Raspberry Pi devices Read More

Pi or production: Choosing a best-fit IoT gateway prototype

By Justin Rigling 12 Sep 2017

Which IoT gateway prototype is better, Raspberry Pi or a commercial-grade, production-ready gateway? Rigado's Justin Rigling offers some pointers. Read More

Stratodesk NoTouch replaces the OS on any x86 thin client or PC, now works on Raspberry Pi

By Gabe Knuth 23 Oct 2017

Stratodesk NoTouch is a Thin Client OS that will run on any x86 device from other thin client vendors. They've recently added Raspberry Pi support, which makes NoTouch unique in the industry. Read More

Raspberry PI with Java: programming the internet of things

27 Sep 2016

In this chapter from the book Raspberry PI with Java: Programming the Internet of Things, Stephen Chin walks you through the process of setting up (or baking) the Raspberry Pi. Read More

How to bake up Raspberry Pi thin clients for VDI

By Alastair Cooke 28 Jun 2016

Raspberry Pis are one of the lowest-cost computing options out there, so it's only natural for IT to wonder whether they're suitable as thin clients for some enterprise use cases. Read More