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Ping is a basic Internet program that allows a user to verify that a particular IP address exists and ...Read More

Bring Back PING in Win10 1803

By Ed Tittel 21 May 2018

As I troubleshoot an inexplicable inability to remote into one of my office PCs, I figure out how to bring back PING in Win10 1803. In short, my recent spate of networking issues continue! Read More

Ping adds AI-driven API protection with Elastic Beam acquisition

By Rob Wright 26 Jun 2018

Ping Identity increased its focus on API security with the acquisition of Elastic Beam, a startup that uses artificial intelligence to apply behavioral security on enterprise APIs. Read More

Identiverse 2018: Ping Identity acquires Elastic Beam, provider of AI-based API security

By Jack Madden 26 Jun 2018

API management and artificial intelligence (or, if you prefer, machine learning or simply ‘more advanced access control algorithms’) are key features of identity management today. Read More

Ping a Bus

By Cliff Saran 29 Jun 2016

In this day and age, it's not just the techie guy at the helpdesk who know what the numbers and dots posted on the bus mean. Clearly, the bus driver here is on the game. And most Y-gens will ... Read More

Handy PING Sweep Tool

By Ed Tittel 04 Jan 2017

Network admins nearly always want to know who's on their networks. This handy PING sweep tool tells them in compact, readable form. Read More

Ping embeds multifactor authentication security in mobile apps

By Rob Wright 21 Jun 2017

At the 2017 Cloud Identity Summit, Ping Identity launched a new software development kit that will embed multifactor authentication security features in mobile apps. Read More

Q&A: Ping CEO on contextual authentication, intelligent identity

By Rob Wright 12 Jul 2017

Ping Identity CEO Andre Durand talks with SearchSecurity about the data-driven move toward contextual authentication and intelligent identity and what this means for enterprises. Read More

Ping: Distributed ledgers are the future of identity security

By Rob Wright 31 Aug 2016

SearchCloudSecurity's interview with Ping Identity CEO Andre Durand explores how distributed ledgers can be used for identity and access management. Read More

Ping: It's time to address obstacles for identity as a service

By Rob Wright 30 Aug 2016

Ping Identity CEO Andre Durand talks with SearchCloudSecurity about the benefits of identity as a service as well as the issues holding back greater enterprise adoption of IDaaS. Read More

PatientPing helps with coordinating care among healthcare providers

By Kristen Lee 16 Dec 2016

In this Innovation Spotlight, SearchHealthIT features PatientPing, a startup in Boston that provides technology to improve coordinating care. Read More