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Ping is a basic Internet program that allows a user to verify that a particular IP address exists and ...Read More

Using virtual lab management tools to stop developer, QA conflicts

By Jan Stafford 04 Sep 2009

Combining virtual machines and lab management software, like VMware Lab Manager and VMLogix LabManager, can put an end to developer, QA conflicts over where, if bugs reside in code. VMware and VMLogix execs ... Read More

ORA-12535: Operation times out when trying to connect to database

By Maria Anderson 12 Apr 2007

Since we moved a server, the outside PC cannot connect to the database. I can perform a successful ping to the server but my operation times out (ORA-12535) when I try to TNSPing. Read More

Public vs. private networks

By TechTarget Community 21 Feb 2005

ITKnowledge Exchange member "rpvish" had a question about how to ping internal and external networks, and fellow techies helped out. Here is a portion of the conversation. Read More

VMware VI3, Microsoft Virtual Server, XenSource XenServer, Virtual Iron: Living Together in Harmony

By Andrew Kutz 03 Mar 2007

Do you know how there are some questions that at first glance seem like they may generate long and complicated answers? Recently I was pinged with such a question, but then I came to realize that ... Read More

TNS error when performing tnsping

By Maria Anderson 05 Feb 2007

I can ping the server on which my database is installed, but when I do tnsping <db_name> I get the following error: "TNS-12535: TNS:operation timed out." Read More

Checking IP configuration to troubleshoot Windows network connectivity

By Brien Posey 03 Mar 2009

You can diagnose network connectivity problems by checking your TCP/IP configuration. To learn how to do this, article author Brien Posey gives you step-by-step directions on how to perform simple command line (CL)... Read More

Golf club maker chips out of a SAN trap

04 Jun 2002

When golf club manufacturer Ping teed off on the SAN course, it found help from XIOTech's Magnitude platform. Read More

Windows security toolbox: Network security

24 Sep 2008

Ping and tracert are great, but sometimes you need a more powerful utility when troubleshooting your network -- especially where security is concerned. Check out these 12 free network security tools -- from ... Read More

Looking for trouble: ICMP and IP statistics to watch

19 Jan 2004

EtherPeek's Summary Statistics window lets you easily identify network scans (ping, ARP, TCP, and UDP) and OS fingerprinting on the network. Read More

IPv6 from 'CCNA Portable Command Guide', Chapter 25

12 Aug 2007

IPv6, 'CCNA Portable Command Guide,' Chapter 25, explains IPv6 address assignment, static routes in IPv6, IPv6 ping, IPv6 tunnels and RIPng. Learn all you need to know to pass the IPv6 questions on your Cisco ... Read More