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Ping is a basic Internet program that allows a user to verify that a particular IP address exists and ...Read More

Common VM network latency causes explained

By Stephen J. Bigelow 20 Sep 2018

There are many potential causes of network performance problems when it comes to VMs. Familiarize yourself with the most common causes to aid in troubleshooting. Read More

Microsoft's corporate IM: Necessary or knee-jerk?

By Margie Semilof 14 Nov 2002

AOL did it, Yahoo did it, now Microsoft has done it -- the corporate ping thing. This week Redmond unveiled MSN Messenger Connect for Enterprises, a corporate IM tool. But wait, isn't enterprise IM Greenwich's ... Read More

As AI identity management takes shape, are enterprises ready?

By Rob Wright 20 Jul 2018

Experts at the Identiverse 2018 conference discussed how artificial intelligence and machine learning are poised to reshape the identity and access management market. Read More

Unchecked cloud IoT costs can quickly spiral upward

By Trevor Jones 20 Jun 2018

IoT sensors can produce seemingly endless streams of data, so users must beware how much to send back to the cloud to avoid jaw-dropping monthly bills. Read More

Domino servers stick when replicating to primary server

By Mathew Newman 11 Apr 2006

My server is having a connection problem. Our primary Domino server is in Australia. All users in China receive e-mail through MCI VPN LAN. We also have a back-up server and a documentary server. We can ping and ... Read More

Access to SAP-system from a JCO-Client

05 Oct 2001

I need some help to understand what should be done in order to access SAP-system from JCO-Client(located inside of a firewall)... Here my situation: As far I am connecting via modem/cable everything works fine, but... Read More

Debug an Active Directory domain join failure on Windows Server

By Brien Posey 22 Jun 2017

The domain join process typically works without issue. But when a device can't connect to Active Directory, the administrator must seek the culprit from the usual suspects. Read More

Connecting SAP client workstation to SAP server

01 Apr 2003

We are trying to connect to a SAP server from a SAP client workstation and received the following error messages: "Partner not reached (host, service sapdp00) Time Mon Mar 24 20:38:39:2003, ... Read More

DevOps lab: Pick up Ansible tips to learn configuration management

By Alastair Cooke 27 Apr 2017

This article is part of a series to help IT ops professionals learn DevOps by building a home lab. In this third step, Ansible works with Vagrant and GitHub to create a consistent, redeployable stack. Read More

European Parliament calls for suspension of Privacy Shield

By Warwick Ashford 06 Jul 2018

The Privacy Shield framework that replaced the Safe Harbour agreement for personal data transfers between the EU and the US is under increased pressure due to alleged non-compliance by US firms Read More