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Ping is a basic Internet program that allows a user to verify that a particular IP address exists and ...Read More

Strengthening CIoT security with secure cellular network gateways

By Aman Brar 10 Aug 2017

Can millions of "dumb" devices connect without compromising security? Openwave Mobility's Aman Brar explains why cellular IoT, or CIoT, may be the solution. Read More

Vendors changing the state of security in IoT environments

By Steve Zurier 19 Dec 2016

Companies have a lot at stake with IoT. A myriad of tools are emerging that provide the security features necessary to ensure connected enterprises don't get hacked. Read More

Cloud-based identity management services can work for your on-premises apps, too

By Jack Madden 30 Nov 2016

IDaaS can also influence your remote access and networking strategies. Read More

IoT data analysis may require hybrid approach

By Nicole Laskowski 21 Oct 2016

Where should companies analyze their IoT data, and what is AnalyticOps? The Data Mill reports. Read More

Advanced endpoint protection takes on the latest exploits

By David Geer 10 Jul 2017

Advanced endpoint protection is arriving from all quarters -- machine learning, crafty sandboxes, behavior analytics. Learn how tech advances are being applied to endpoints. Read More

Cloud Identity Summit 2017: What I learned about the present and future of ID

By Jack Madden 27 Jun 2017

Open standards are coming together to make it a good time for enterprise identity in the cloud. Next stop, continuous authentication. Read More

Huawei revenues to smash $35bn for 2012

By Jennifer Scott 04 Jan 2013

The CEO reveals a 10% rise on both profits and revenues as the controversial Chinese firm pledges to “become more open and transparent” in 2013 Read More

SearchHealthIT takes on Dreamforce

By Kristen Lee 09 Oct 2016

I thought the annual Healthcare Information Management Systems Society conference was overwhelming, with the constant stream of people, enormous exhibition hall, and many sessions to attend. ... Read More

Examine AWS X-Ray for app performance management

By Chris Moyer 09 Jun 2017

AWS X-Ray gives developers a more detailed view of distributed and serverless applications. But if they want to use multiple clouds or other services, it's not a good fit. Read More

The development of lingerie technology: The clap-off bra

By Caroline Baldwin 12 Jul 2013

Some real gent out there has decided to create a piece of technology that Joey Tribbiani would be proud of... the clap-off bra.After discovering that countries like Syria were much more advanced in ... Read More