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Ping is a basic Internet program that allows a user to verify that a particular IP address exists and ...Read More

Creating PowerShell scripts for task automation

By Adam Bertram 21 Mar 2018

At a certain point, administrators who run PowerShell commands from the console will find it more efficient to develop a script that does not require manual intervention. Read More

How can I get my server to be the remote desktop server without having it join the domain?

05 Oct 2005

How can I get my server, which has not joined the domain, to be the remote desktop server?

I have three servers in all (Windows 2003 servers); two are domain controllers and one is an ISA Server 2004. I have ... Read More

Are we there yet? An update on Citrix Workspace experience

By Pete Downing 15 Mar 2018

Citrix is pushing a security message, and they have a lot of interesting components they could put together. But how far will they go, and will Citrix become an IDaaS? Read More

CLI vs. GUI: Find the right admin tool for various scenarios

By Richard Siddaway 09 Mar 2018

Standard Windows and Linux command-line utilities oftentimes have niche, yet important functionality not available in GUI tools that require IT workers to make custom workflows. Read More

Start redrawing your identity and access management roadmap

By Brenda L. Horrigan 19 Apr 2017

Securing enterprise systems and information requires an IAM roadmap that helps you identify effective policy, technology and tools. Read More

How to register and connect a Route 53 domain to endpoints

By Ofir Nachmani 29 Mar 2017

We're ready to move an application to production on the AWS cloud. How do we connect and route domain traffic to EC2 instances? Read More

Friday Notebook, June 30, 2017: Egnyte gets AI, Apperian adds ID options, Box on Azure, and more

By Jack Madden 30 Jun 2017

Also: a look at NotPetya; the future of Nano Server; Nutanix and Google partner; notes from on Cloud Identity Summit; Office 365 identity options; ARKit; and a ‘what-if’ thought exercise. Read More

Europe in the firing line of evolving DDoS attacks

By Warwick Ashford 09 Feb 2018

The Europe, Middle East and Africa region accounts for more than half the world’s distributed denial of service attacks, a report from F5 Labs reveals Read More

New Kronos headquarters design mirrors reinvention play

By Shaun Sutner 29 May 2018

Kronos is trying to redefine itself as a cloud company. The workforce management software vendor's new headquarters is meant to mirror that change. Read More

Our thoughts on Citrix’s workspace and identity strategy

By Jack Madden 21 May 2018

Identity management is a key part of the modern workspace. Now that Citrix has it, where do their offerings fit in the market? Read More