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Electrical power is the rate at which electrical energy is converted to another form, such as motion, ...Read More

John Powers

Assistant site editor

John Powers is the assistant site editor for SearchEnterpriseDesktop and SearchVirtualDesktop and a University of Maryland alumnus.Read More

Open source PowerShell not a straight swap for Windows PowerShell

By Tom Walat 05 Feb 2018

PowerShell Core 6.0 -- the open-source, cross-platform version of Windows PowerShell -- does not have all the features that longtime PowerShell users may be looking for. Last month's official ... Read More

Creating PowerShell scripts for task automation

By Adam Bertram 21 Mar 2018

At a certain point, administrators who run PowerShell commands from the console will find it more efficient to develop a script that does not require manual intervention. Read More

These PowerShell script examples help tidy up code

By Adam Bertram 08 Mar 2018

Even the most grizzled scripting veterans might learn some new PowerShell tips and tricks to tighten their automation code or produce clearer error messages. Read More

Blue Jeans integrates AI-powered transcription technology

By Katherine Finnell 02 Mar 2018

Blue Jeans has integrated an AI transcription service powered by Voicera's virtual assistant, Eva, while Slack deepened its GitHub integration to support developer collaboration. Read More

Are gas-powered datacentres all hype and hot air?

By Caroline Donnelly 02 Mar 2018

As concerns about how the proliferation of datacentres will affect electricity supplies continue to be raised, some are experimenting with natural gas as an alternative energy source. But is it a viable, long-term ... Read More

Deep learning algorithms power startup's beauty database

By Nicole Laskowski 22 Feb 2018

Deep learning algorithms are changing how we drive cars and navigate outer space. What about saving our skin? Silicon Valley startup Proven Beauty has a plan. Read More

In 2018, legal tech trends attest to power of data

By Jason Sparapani 30 Jan 2018

Data becomes paramount, worldwide laws may call for contractual changes and the demand for digital services is prompting a litigation shift, according to law firm Mayer Brown. Read More

Powerful Zyklon malware exploiting MS Office flaws

By Warwick Ashford 22 Jan 2018

Cyber attackers are exploiting three recently discovered vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office to spread multifunction Zyklon malware, security researchers warn Read More