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Best practices for recovery from ransomware and what's next

By Paul Crocetti 21 Dec 2017

Ransomware recovery is a complex task. Make sure you're doing all the right things, from protecting unstructured data to testing your recovery capabilities. Read More

Embedded application security: Inside OWASP's best practices

By Judith Myerson 15 Feb 2018

OWASP released a draft of new guidelines for creating secure code within embedded software. Expert Judith Myerson discusses best practices, pitfalls to avoid and auditing tools. Read More

Follow these VM network configuration best practices

By Stephen J. Bigelow 08 Feb 2018

Set up and operate a VM network using proven strategies to ensure security and performance. With a little planning, virtualization admins can avoid potential issues down the road. Read More

What are three personal data backup best practices?

By Brien Posey 05 Feb 2018

Is your personal data secure? Backup best practices for consumers include regularly backing up data and taking advantage of different types of storage media. Read More

Artificial intelligence data storage planning best practices

By Brien Posey 05 Feb 2018

AI storage planning is similar to the storage planning you're used to: Consider capacity, IOPS and reliability requirements for source data and the application's database. Read More

Devops principles and practices define engineers

By Grant Hatchimonji 13 Nov 2017

It's hard to define DevOps engineer beyond, 'You'll know it when you see it.' That's because the DevOps skill set is a mix of holistic views and principles with technical skills. Read More

Strengthen security in virtualization with these best practices

By Nick Moore 07 Nov 2017

Prioritize security across your organization, and establish policies that employ best practices, like least-privilege tactics, security audits and update and patch automation. Read More

Understand virtualized disaster recovery practices and practicalities

By Stuart Burns 24 Jul 2017

Elements of virtual disaster recovery are not available in the physical world and can make IT life easier. Is it time for your organization to go all-virtual? Read More

Application support best practices involve all teams

By Brian Kirsch 09 Jan 2018

There's more to app support than making sure the bits and bytes are in order; the user's experience is vital to uphold. Creating a smooth process takes more than just operations. Read More

SharePoint integration and implementation best practices

29 Dec 2017

Here are some expert advice and tips, as well common definitions, to help make your SharePoint integration and implementation a little easier. Read More