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Zuckerberg could become a problem for Facebook

By Billy MacInnes 22 Mar 2018

There are echoes of Steve Jobs at Apple with Mark Zuckerberg's tenure at Facebook thinks Billy MacInnes Read More

Network problems “dirty secret” for businesses

17 Apr 2018

Customers hoping that their existing firewalls will deliver protection are being naive according to a report Read More

What are potential cloud backup problems?

By Brien Posey 08 Mar 2018

Don't let typical cloud backup issues slow down your organization. Stay in front of potential impacts to budget and bandwidth for a solid backup platform. Read More

The problem with bitcoin and blockchain technology

By Cameron McKenzie 15 Dec 2017

It's not just bitcoin's prodigious appetite -- it uses as much energy as the country of Slovenia. Security scares and long transaction times cast doubt on its viability. Read More

Infrastructure skills shortage causing users problems

By Simon Quicke 27 Mar 2018

Infrastructure and organisation skills are changing and plenty of users are failing to keep up with the different demands being put on staff Read More

Experian: How inclusion can solve more than IT problems

By Clare McDonald 19 Mar 2018

Paul Hill, head of global propositions development at Experian, talks about the many advantages and few challenges that Experian encountered when working with autistic technology consultants from Auticon Read More

Why IPv6 networks create DNS configuration problems

By Fernando Gont 20 Feb 2018

DNS data is among the most basic and crucial information required for network connectivity, but configuring DNS recursive servers in IPv6-only networks can pose challenges. Read More

Bootrec Fixes Win10 Boot Problems

By Ed Tittel 19 Feb 2018

When boot-up goes wonky, remember this: Bootrec fixes Win10 boot problems! Here, you'll learn how to launch and run this boot repair tool, and what it can do to help. Read More

Does artificial intelligence have a language problem?

By Rob Gear 06 Feb 2018

As AI 'learns' from human input, the language we use becomes an increasingly important consideration Read More

Global Services still problem child for BT

By Alex Scroxton 02 Feb 2018

Challenging market conditions and lost customers at its IT services unit weigh heavily on BT’s results in the third quarter Read More