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In information technology, a product is something (for example, a software application) that is created ...Read More

Best data storage products 2017: Products of the Year

12 Feb 2018

Storage magazine names winners of 2017 Products of the Year awards for best storage products in backup and DR, software-defined storage, storage arrays and management tools. Read More

Best data storage products 2017: Products of the Year

06 Feb 2018

Find out the best data storage products for 2017 in backup and DR hardware, backup and DR software and services, software-defined storage, storage arrays and storage management tools. Read More

Software-defined storage products: 2017 Products of the Year finalists

By Carol Sliwa 15 Jan 2018

The 11 software-defined storage finalists in this year's competition highlight the most recent developments in flash, cloud and container technologies. Read More

Three enterprise scenarios for MDM products

By Matthew Pascucci 04 Jan 2018

Expert Matt Pascucci outlines three enterprise uses cases for mobile device management products to see how they can protect users, devices and corporate data. Read More

The key features in an app, desktop virtualization product

By Robert Sheldon 16 Feb 2018

Desktop and app virtualization tools help admins deliver services to users regardless of where they work and what devices they work on. Learn how to make a smart buying decision. Read More

Briton jailed for two years for product testing for hackers

By Warwick Ashford 15 Feb 2018

A Briton has been jailed for two years for running a product-testing service for hackers Read More

Container adoption stats reveal a ramp up in production

By Dave Bernard 12 Feb 2018

There's a 50/50 chance your IT organization will provision and support container-based applications by 2020. See how organizations approach container deployment, including how much they need to spend. Read More

Mitel products revamped post-ShoreTel acquisition

By Katherine Finnell 08 Feb 2018

In UC news, Mitel's product portfolio has rebranded for the integration of ShoreTel's UCaaS products, while the new Logitech SmartDock accessory supports meeting interoperability. Read More

Are hypervisor tools products or features?

By Scott D. Lowe 06 Dec 2017

As converged and hyper-converged infrastructures grow in popularity, hypervisors function more like features of overall IT architectures than they do as stand-alone products. Read More

Australia’s internet speeds limiting productivity

By Beverley Head 31 Jan 2018

Australia’s broadband networks, already among the world’s slowest, could be further strained by the emergence of virtual and augmented reality Read More