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Best data storage products 2017: Products of the Year

12 Feb 2018

Storage magazine names winners of 2017 Products of the Year awards for best storage products in backup and DR, software-defined storage, storage arrays and management tools. Read More

Best data storage products 2017: Products of the Year

06 Feb 2018

Find out the best data storage products for 2017 in backup and DR hardware, backup and DR software and services, software-defined storage, storage arrays and storage management tools. Read More

Scrivito unveils serverless CMS product

By Jesse Scardina 13 Mar 2018

By building the CMS with ReactJS, Scrivito gained attraction with development community, according to an analyst. Read More

DevOps - Pragmatic production, not evangelism

By Rob Bamforth 06 Mar 2018

Despite the potential of ‘digital transformation’ and IT in general, many organisations find the reality a little disappointing. Development takes longer than expected, quality is lacking and what ... Read More

Software-defined storage products: 2017 Products of the Year finalists

By Carol Sliwa 15 Jan 2018

The 11 software-defined storage finalists in this year's competition highlight the most recent developments in flash, cloud and container technologies. Read More

Compare top desktop and application virtualization products

By Robert Sheldon 14 Mar 2018

Each company has different desktop and app virtualization needs. Buyers must compare what vendors offer for mobility and data governance to make the right purchase. Read More

Three enterprise scenarios for MDM products

By Matthew Pascucci 04 Jan 2018

Expert Matt Pascucci outlines three enterprise uses cases for mobile device management products to see how they can protect users, devices and corporate data. Read More

How does SAP Material Ledger improve product costing?

By Jawad Akhtar 07 Mar 2018

Implementing SAP Material Ledger in a manufacturing environment expedites the month-end financial closing process through inventory valuation at actual costs. Here's how. Read More

How does SAP PLM support the product validation process?

By Jawad Akhtar 07 Mar 2018

Checking and validating each step of product development helps ensure greater success and detects potential failure. Here's a look at how SAP PLM supports that process. Read More

Cloud computing with VMware evolves with products, partnerships

By Paul Korzeniowski 05 Mar 2018

VMware has stepped away from what originally made it successful to face the cloud future. Partnerships and acquisitions situate cloud computing with VMware as a competitive option. Read More