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Can you provide some ransomware backup dos and don'ts?

By Chris Evans 28 Apr 2017

A layered protection strategy works best against ransomware. Organizations must be diligent about backing up data, monitoring suspicious activity and testing restores. Read More

Building a partnership: How to link up with other service providers

By Stanley Louissaint 28 Jul 2016

Partnering with your fellow IT service providers can help expand the services you offer clients without incurring the cost of hiring and retaining talent. Read More

Specialty IaaS cloud providers meet unique IT demands

By Kristin Knapp 21 Apr 2017

IT shops with specific workload requirements continue to choose specialty IaaS offerings over the more rigid services from cloud giants like AWS, Azure and Google. Read More

Cloud provider security in spotlight, gives rise to new role

By Jason Sparapani 20 Apr 2017

The big guys already have one -- now smaller cloud service vendors are hiring a cloud-specific security exec to focus on security. Read More

Amazon Web Services outage provides disaster recovery lessons

By Alastair Cooke 14 Apr 2017

If you depend on Amazon Web Services or another cloud service provider, make sure you have a proper disaster recovery plan in place in the event of an outage. Read More

Providing a common language for dev and ops

By George Lawton 11 Jul 2016

At Red Hat Summit, Ansible playbooks look to find common ground between dev and ops teams. Read More

Video will become ‘cash cow’ for telecoms providers, says Huawei

By Lis Evenstad 11 Apr 2017

Video services have the potential to generate a lot of money for telcos, according to Huawei president of products and solutions Ryan Ding Read More

SD-WAN providers enable high-speed access to cloud-based apps

By Lee Doyle 10 Apr 2017

With users increasingly moving to SaaS and cloud-based apps, some SD-WAN providers have partnered with cloud providers to allow customers easier access to those apps. Read More

What to know about selecting a colocation provider

By Clive Longbottom ,Stephen J. Bigelow 22 Feb 2016

Selecting a colocation provider is about more than finding one with a low price. The quality of service and conditions spelled out in a colo service-level agreement, or SLA, will be important -- especially if ... Read More

A look at the shared responsibility model of cloud providers

By Dave Shackleford 23 Nov 2016

Many cloud providers now offer a shared responsibility model for their customers. Expert Dave Shackleford looks at the major providers' models and what they might be missing. Read More