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CDN providers comparison: Highlighting vendors' focus

By David Harbeck 11 May 2018

Get to know the top content delivery networks with the help of this CDN providers comparison infographic, breaking down vendors' network capacity, services offered and more. Read More

SOC services: How to find the right provider for your company

By Steven Weil 10 May 2018

SOCs are the latest services you can now outsource rather than build in-house. But should you entrust them to a third party? Yes—but make sure you know how to pick the best. Read More

Worksite health services providers on the rise

By Shaun Sutner 23 Feb 2018

Employers are turning to workplace health vendors to provide on-site healthcare services to workers to reduce healthcare costs and drive engagement and productivity. Read More

Payer-provider convergence hinges on data integration

By Scott Wallask 27 Apr 2018

A hospital population health officer and vendor CEO detail their views about payer-provider partnerships. One key aspect is the ability to boost customer service efforts. Read More

Compare virtual private cloud server providers

By Brien Posey 26 Apr 2018

Cost is an important factor to consider when evaluating different VPC providers, but the kind of hardware and data lines the providers offer plays a role, too. Read More

Actifio backup makes the grade for digital learning provider

By Paul Crocetti 19 Apr 2018

With cyberattacks a constant threat, Actifio provides protection through a data-centric approach and an air gap. Customers can recover to a safe point in time in minutes. Read More

Security Think Tank: Complex passwords provide a false sense of security

By Tim Holman 04 Jul 2018

In the light of the fact that complex passwords are not as strong as most people think, and that most password strategies inevitably lead to people following them blindly, what actually makes a good password and ... Read More

IT service provider HCL acquires sector expertise as part of European strategy

By Karl Flinders 03 Jul 2018

Indian IT services firm boosts its European car industry credentials though multi-million Euro investment Read More

GuardiCore on the hunt for managed security services providers

By Spencer Smith 13 Apr 2018

Data center security vendor GuardiCore recently enhanced its partner program to attract managed security services providers as it looks to grow its reputation in the channel. Read More

Hybrid cloud providers offer different architecture types

By Stephen J. Bigelow 12 Apr 2018

Hybrid cloud means different things to different vendors; some set aside part of the public cloud for private cloud purposes and others simply support an on-premises private cloud. Read More