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Partners plan for AWS Solution Provider Program launch

By Esther Shein 17 Jan 2018

Channel partners look forward to differentiating through new AWS competencies around IoT, containers, machine learning and blockchain. Read More

A roundup of the leading EMM providers in today's market

By Matthew David 17 Jan 2018

Just as identifying the need for EMM is important, so is selecting the right vendor. Here's a rundown of leading EMM vendors and an in-depth peek into the products they offer. Read More

Compare these top EMM providers and their potential impact

By Matthew David 15 Jan 2018

With all the EMM products available, companies must know the major features that they offer and how the players stack up against each other. Read More

Providers continue to push hybrid cloud technologies in 2018

By Jim O'Reilly 11 Jan 2018

The hybrid cloud market changes rapidly, as major cloud providers release new services to bridge private and public platforms, but for now, management challenges remain. Read More

Choosing the right public cloud provider: A checklist

By Caroline Donnelly 11 Jan 2018

In this guest post, Gordon Grosse, director of technical services at IT support and datacentre managed service provider MCSA, offers advice on how to choose the right public cloud provider for your ... Read More

Evaluating UCaaS providers: How to choose the right one

By Irwin Lazar 04 Jan 2018

The unified communications-as-a-service market is diverse and growing. Learn how to analyze UCaaS offerings and select a provider that aligns with your present and future needs. Read More

Top cloud providers dominate headlines in 2017

By Kathleen Casey 29 Dec 2017

From the AWS and Azure machine learning partnership to Google's grab for hybrid cloud, 2017 was an exciting year for cloud. Review some of our top stories below. Read More

Service providers rushing in to provide container networking

By Teren Bryson 14 Jun 2017

The notion of using container networking within enterprise organizations is gaining momentum from a surprising source. Read More

Cheapest enterprise cloud storage providers not always best

By Carol Sliwa 07 Dec 2017

One Gartner cloud storage analyst cautions clients not to choose the least expensive provider, even if the offering from a big-name vendor might appear attractive. Read More

Cloud storage providers: What should you look for?

By Sander van Vugt 07 Dec 2017

With so many cloud storage options on the market, it's hard to choose the right one. To start, determine whether you need a business service or if a consumer cloud will suffice. Read More