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Data science as a service provides instant access to analysts

By Bridget Botelho 07 Jul 2016

Data scientists are in high demand, but in such scarce supply that some companies outsource their data for analysis. DataScience Inc. CEO Ian Swanson explains how it works. Read More

RM provides a glimpse into subdued education market

By Simon Quicke 04 Jul 2016

RM's half yearly numbers have provided an insight into an education market that is tightening its budgets Read More

Telemedicine pediatrics is focus of new telehealth provider offering

By Shaun Sutner 09 Dec 2016

The Nemours children's health system is offering pediatric telemedicine services for out-of-state patients as part of the new American Well telehealth exchange. Read More

CompTIA: Service providers grapple with cloud

By John Moore 30 Jun 2016

A new CompTIA report shows service providers continue to struggle with cloud adoption, while they battle perennial issues such as margin pressure. Read More

Cloud provider Axcient converges data management with Fusion

By Sonia Lelii 28 Jun 2016

Axcient has developed the Fusion orchestration software platform that allows customers to take one data copy and use it for multiple nonproduction workloads. Read More

Remote patient monitoring technology becoming imperative for providers

By Shaun Sutner 24 Jun 2016

Major healthcare systems are adopting remote patient monitoring systems and technology for groups of patients with chronic conditions, and RPM vendors are having success. Read More

Citrix DaaS: How to deploy virtual desktops as a service provider

By Robert Sheldon 02 Dec 2016

Need a leg up in the desktop-as-a-service market? Citrix offers business resources, marketing assistance and a reference architecture to help service providers get started. Read More

AI-based voice analysis provides emotional intelligence in healthcare

By Shaun Sutner 28 Nov 2016

Boston-based startup Cogito Corporation provides emotional intelligence for healthcare with AI-driven real-time voice analysis for insurance call centers and other organizations. Read More

Moving out to a colocation provider

By Meredith Courtemanche ,Clive Longbottom ,Jim O'Reilly 28 Jul 2015

Colocation has solidified itself as an attractive outlet for IT, and, unlike the cloud, allows admins to continue to manage their own systems. Colo customers can also take advantage of services that mimic ... Read More

Citrix Linux Virtual Desktop provides Windows VDI alternative

By Robert Sheldon 23 Nov 2016

Windows isn't going anywhere, but with Citrix's Linux Virtual Desktop, VDI admins who want to work with open source desktops can actually do so. Read More