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Would you rather dump your other half, or switch broadband provider?

By Alex Scroxton 02 Feb 2017

Because apparently, 77% of Brits are more likely to dump their partner than their broadband provider. At least, this was the main finding of a survey of 2,000 UK consumers conducted by broadband ... Read More

Exposing network APIs to enterprises opens new provider SDN options

By John Burke 01 Feb 2017

Service providers can increase network automation using SDN and NFV next-generation infrastructure for enterprise service options by exposing secure network APIs. Read More

How manufacturers, service providers, consumers can improve IoT security

By Jessica Groopman 30 Jan 2017

There are a variety of actions manufacturers, service providers and consumers alike can take to work towards greater overall IoT security. Read More

Evaluate cloud log management tools from top providers

By Stephen J. Bigelow 02 Aug 2016

Log management is just as critical in the cloud as it is in the data center. Evaluate log management tools for public cloud, such as AWS CloudWatch and Google Stackdriver. Read More

Intermountain becomes telehealth provider in a big way

By Shaun Sutner 29 Jul 2016

Utah's Intermountain Healthcare, one of the country's biggest health systems, has become a major provider of telehealth services, including direct to the consumer. Read More

Channel partners help SaaS provider enter overseas markets

By John Moore 25 Jan 2017

OneLogin needed a way to enter overseas markets. The company decided cultivating relationships with channel partners was the best method. Read More

Why does AWS as a cloud infrastructure provider matter for Salesforce?

By Brent Leary 27 Jul 2016

After experiencing a data outage in May, Salesforce turned to Amazon Web Services. It was a huge move, but probably a necessary one, expert Brent Leary explains. Read More

Moving out to a colocation provider

By Meredith Courtemanche ,Clive Longbottom ,Jim O'Reilly 28 Jul 2015

Colocation has solidified itself as an attractive outlet for IT, and, unlike the cloud, allows admins to continue to manage their own systems. Colo customers can also take advantage of services that mimic ... Read More

DDoS protection provider alleged to be Mirai botnet creator

By Warwick Ashford 20 Jan 2017

Investigative journalist Brian Krebs believes distributed denial of service mitigation firm owner is the author of malware designed to enable massive IoT botnet-enabled DDoS attacks Read More

Streamline cloud traffic by extending WAN connections to providers

By Irwin Lazar 20 Jul 2016

Enterprises looking to improve cloud traffic should evaluate emerging technologies, such as WAN-CX and SD-WAN, to help the performance of UCaaS applications. Read More