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New ONAP architecture provides network automation platform

By Jennifer English 29 Nov 2017

The new ONAP architecture release offers a modular network automation platform for carriers and service providers. Also, MEF 3.0 shifts focus to global services. Read More

How to choose a managed services provider for SD-WAN

By John Burke 28 Nov 2017

With so many managed services providers offering SD-WAN, it can be time-consuming to narrow it down to the most viable options. Here are some factors to evaluate. Read More

Can niche cloud players take on hyperscale cloud providers?

By Trevor Jones 09 Feb 2018

AWS, Azure and GCP are top of mind for public cloud market share, but companies lower down the ranks want their piece of the pie, too. Read More

Huawei increases solution provider support

By Simon Quicke 07 Sep 2017

Comms vendor looking to make life easier with an integrated programme that is getting plenty of investment Read More

Colocation providers told to team up with telcos to meet edge datacentre demand

By Caroline Donnelly 31 Jan 2018

Colocation providers can ill afford to take an “us and them” view of telcos when it comes to addressing the burgeoning demand for edge computing resources, says Datacloud UK panel Read More

Hefty fines confirmed for CNI providers with poor cyber security

By Warwick Ashford 29 Jan 2018

The government has confirmed that critical infrastructure providers with poor cyber security face fines of millions of pounds as the National Cyber Security Centre publishes new guidance for the industry Read More

Big content providers influence undersea cable price drops

By Kate Gerwig 26 Jan 2018

The undersea cable market has become increasingly competitive, as large content providers build new routes and wavelength prices drop, leaving telecom operators concerned. Read More

IaaS providers weigh new tech against core offerings

By David Linthicum 22 Jan 2018

Like its rivals, AWS continues to push itself up the stack -- and capture headlines in the process. But user demand still revolves around core infrastructure features. Read More

DRaaS providers: Four key capabilities to screen for

By George Crump 03 Nov 2017

IT must plan for both major and minor disasters. There are four key capabilities DRaaS vendors must have to ensure they can handle the full range of potential disasters. Read More

LTO-8 tape standard to provide insurance against disaster

By Jon Toigo 03 Nov 2017

LTO-8 tape, the next-generation Linear Tape-Open standard, arrives at a fortuitous moment for organizations of all sizes looking to store and protect more data than ever. Read More