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Hyperscale providers bet big on cloud AI

By Trevor Jones 26 Feb 2018

AI cloud services have emerged as yet another battleground for the hyperscale providers, as they entice data scientists and developers to train their models on their platforms. Read More

A cloud provider ruminates on the role of a CISO

By Jason Sparapani 30 Nov 2017

Sonian, a recently acquired cloud application provider, discusses the role of a CISO, emerging cloud security positions and changes on the horizon. Read More

MSP security essentials for every IT service provider

23 Feb 2018

Getting a cybersecurity practice up and running is no easy task. In this guide, we show how MSPs can build security practices and protect their clients from an array of threats. Read More

Apple Authorized Service Provider program: ComputerCare's story

By John Moore 17 May 2018

ComputerCare, a member of the Apple Authorized Service Provider program, has found a role in servicing iOS devices and meeting the repair needs of mid-size businesses. Read More

How a SaaS provider made microservices deployment safely chaotic

By Meredith Courtemanche 11 May 2018

Remind was blindsided by performance issues with its microservices-based SaaS, until the company decided to sabotage its own product -- at scheduled times, in staging -- with a different kind of test. Read More

CNI providers face hefty fines for cyber security failings

By Warwick Ashford 09 May 2018

UK providers of critical national infrastructure face hefty fines for cyber security failings from 10 May 2018 Read More

The window to be a hyperscale cloud provider is closing

By Trevor Jones 08 Feb 2018

A handful of companies will control the majority of the public cloud. Is there still room for big-name companies to join the club, or are they already too late? Read More

Test your knowledge of PaaS providers with this brief quiz

By Kathleen Casey 04 May 2018

The PaaS market continues to evolve, with a range of vendors and tools available to enterprise development teams. Use this brief quiz to see how your PaaS knowledge stacks up. Read More

How to achieve a healthy, balanced relationship with your ERP provider

By Sebastian Grady 02 Feb 2018

Observing the enterprise software market today is like observing a major relationship crisis where one side is failing to listen to the other Read More

Small SDN providers' cost, flexibility appeal to enterprises

By Steve Zurier 01 Feb 2018

VMware's NSX and Cisco's ACI are the main SDN providers on the stage, but smaller vendors can offer enterprises flexibility and cost savings. Read More