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Cloud ERP provider FinancialForce integrates Salesforce's AI

By Patrick Thibodeau 30 Nov 2017

FinancialForce has made two major changes to its platform: It has turned to ADP for core HR services, and has integrated Salesforce's AI capability called Einstein. Read More

Vocational training provides more people the skills to work in IoT

By Deepak Puri 30 Nov 2017

Getting a job in the IoT field is tough without the experience and certifications needed. Learn how vocational training is helping fill the IoT skills gap. Read More

Expect service providers to ease Azure Stack deployment

By Dan Cagen 15 Aug 2017

Azure Stack will be ready in September. But given the product's complexity, early customers might think about working with a service provider. Read More

SD-WAN providers: Consider the small with the big

By John Burke 08 Aug 2017

SD-WAN providers extend far beyond the most well-known names in networking. Consider the smaller or niche players when checking out good options. Read More

DRaaS providers make streamlined testing a reality

By Brien Posey 08 Aug 2017

When you're using a cloud-based disaster recovery plan, you really don't have an excuse for overlooking consistent testing, as it can be a pain-free, streamlined process. Read More

Service providers use NFV open source to innovate the network

By Lee Doyle 08 Nov 2017

With NFV open source, service providers can push network innovation and reduce network costs. But service providers will need to adjust to a new open source culture. Read More

Features disaster recovery-as-a-service providers must offer

03 Nov 2017

A cost-effective disaster recovery as a service lets organizations of all sizes implement a dependable disaster recovery plan. Disaster recovery-as-a-service providers replicate or back up customer data to cloud ... Read More

Ship data to provider, switch on machine learning capabilities

By Jason Sparapani 31 Jul 2017

CIOs who want machine learning capabilities first need to get oodles of data to the algorithms. Not to worry -- they can mail or truck it in. Read More

What is VMware AppDefense, and what benefits does it provide?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 01 Nov 2017

VMware AppDefense promises to overcome some of the issues associated with enterprise cybersecurity and low-level infrastructure-based rule sets. Read More

On HMRC, cloud providers, SMEs – and cloud-first government IT

By Bryan Glick 25 Oct 2017

There’s an interesting story doing the rounds this week that highlights some important issues around the UK government’s aim to have a cloud-first policy for IT purchasing. The original scoop, ... Read More