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A query is a question, often expressed in a formal way. A database query can be either a select query or...Read More

Tableau goes 'Hyper' on data ingestion & query, hic!

By Adrian Bridgwater 23 Jan 2018

Visual analytics company Tableau Software has launched a new data engine technology called Hyper. The software is included in the Tableau 10.5 version release. Hyper is designed to 'slice and dice' ... Read More

Filter and query Windows event logs with PowerShell

By Brien Posey 14 Sep 2017

Use the Get-EventLog cmdlet in PowerShell to pinpoint problems among thousands of entries in Windows logs, on both local and remote systems. Read More

Improve query performance, cut costs with Amazon Athena

By Chris Moyer 28 Jun 2017

Amazon Athena can query more data formats than its competitor Google BigQuery, but developers must choose easy-to-process formats to enjoy Athena's benefits. Read More

Big data queries eyed to head off Hadoop performance problems

By Craig Stedman 07 Jun 2017

Processing in big data systems can slow to a crawl if queries are not properly tuned or workloads not well balanced -- issues that call for careful monitoring of clusters. Read More

Get faster Azure T-SQL queries using the new database query editor

By Michael Otey 08 Mar 2017

Microsoft has recently added a SQL Database Query editor to its Azure cloud service. Expert Michael Otey walks you through the new T-SQL development process step-by-step. Read More

Less than 8% of retailers respond to customer queries across all channels

By Clare McDonald 03 Apr 2017

The omni-channel environment of the retail industry is raising customer service expectations, but very few retailers are responding to consumers on all of the channels they offer Read More

NAO queries HMRC plans to relocate people instead of using technology

By Philip Virgo 10 Jan 2017

HMRC plans to relocate 38,000 people to city centres instead of using on-line networking Read More

Amazon ushers in pay-by-query pricing with Athena data engine

By Jack Vaughan 02 Dec 2016

Amazon's Athena data engine brings interactive SQL queries to S3 data sets and lets users pay as they go. It's based on an open source framework called Presto that Teradata and others also employ. Read More

FBI queried on use of vulnerabilities equities process in Playpen case

By Peter Loshin 26 Oct 2016

A U.S. district judge grants the defendants in a child porn case the right to know whether the FBI used the vulnerabilities equities process before the hack of the Playpen Tor hidden service site. Read More