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Adopting cloud computing? Take this cloud shift quiz

By Joel Shore 30 Nov 2016

Application migration is one part of cloud shift, the larger corporatewide effort required to move the whole of IT off premises and into the cloud. Quiz yourself on the trends. Read More

Test your cloud knowledge in this cloud computing quiz

29 Nov 2016

In this quiz on cloud computing skills, find out how much you know about the IT functions and programming languages being used in the cloud. Read More

Channel company quiz: Recap partner program and alliance news

By John Moore 24 Feb 2017

This month's channel quiz features mergers and alliances (and their partner fallout) along with emerging technologies, cloud computing and regulatory activity. Read More

Test yourself on the challenges of microservices security

By Fred Churchville 31 Oct 2018

Think you know what complicates microservices security and what precautions to take to maximize protection? Challenge yourself, and take this quiz to find out. Read More

Test your knowledge of 2018 cloud acquisitions

By Kathleen Casey 21 Dec 2018

To extend their offerings, top cloud providers made numerous acquisitions in 2018. Take this quiz to see if you remember some of the biggest deals that went down. Read More

Test your grasp of 3D NAND flash technology

By Stacey Peterson 10 Dec 2018

Adoption of 3D NAND flash is on the rise and fueling growth in the NAND market. Take our quiz to find out what matters about this key technology. Read More

Trick or Treat Halloween Quiz

By Margaret Rouse 30 Oct 2015

This WhatIs.com Learn IT quiz will test your knowledge about tech terms that you might find on your doorstep or in your trick-or-treat bag Halloween night. Read More

Pop quiz: Do you know the best mobile security techniques?

By Kelly M. Stewart 05 Apr 2017

Do you know the significance of changing from a four-digit passcode to a six-digit one? Test all your IT knowledge on this mobile security quiz. Read More

Test your knowledge of VoIP fundamentals

By Ed Tittel 12 Dec 2018

Do you want to test your knowledge of VoIP fundamentals and how VoIP works? Take this VoIP quiz and see what areas of voice technology elude you. Read More

Quiz: Recap vendors' 2016 channel partnering moves, restructuring

By John Moore 27 Dec 2016

Vendor realignment, consolidation and restructuring made news in 2016. This quiz covers the highlights of the larger IT providers and their impact on the channel. Read More