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Trick or Treat Halloween Quiz

By Margaret Rouse 30 Oct 2015

This WhatIs.com Learn IT quiz will test your knowledge about tech terms that you might find on your doorstep or in your trick-or-treat bag Halloween night. Read More

Quiz: Recap vendors' 2016 channel partnering moves, restructuring

By John Moore 27 Dec 2016

Vendor realignment, consolidation and restructuring made news in 2016. This quiz covers the highlights of the larger IT providers and their impact on the channel. Read More

Quiz: Test your cloud container technology knowledge

By Joel Shore 12 Sep 2016

The popularity of cloud containers is soaring. If your company isn't already working with containers, the time to get on board is now. Take this brief quiz to test your knowledge. Read More

Pop quiz: What do you know about properly building APIs?

By Fred Churchville 21 Nov 2016

What does it take to properly build and maintain an API? Here are some questions that will test your knowledge of API frameworks, naming conventions, eating dog food and more. Read More

Test your vSphere Distributed Switch knowledge with this quiz

By Ryan Lanigan 09 Aug 2016

If you think you know which features only come with the vSphere Distributed Switch, challenge your knowledge with this quiz. Read More

Test your knowledge of useful Linux commands with this quiz

By Tim Culverhouse 08 Aug 2016

Think you're an expert on useful Linux commands for network and server management? Try your hand at this Linux command quiz to see how much you know about 10 Linux utilities and their use cases. Read More

Cisco Collaboration certification technical quiz: Part 2

By Chris Partsenidis 03 Aug 2016

This Cisco Collaboration certification quiz tests your knowledge of telephony, gateways and messaging. Take the quiz to see if you're ready for the Cisco Collaboration exams. Read More

Current on cloud and managed services? Take the quiz

By John Moore 20 Apr 2016

There's always a lot happening in the cloud and managed services sector. Take this new quiz to see if you're up to speed on the latest regulatory, vendor relations and market development trends. Read More

How do cloud deployment models affect IT operations?

By (ISC) 2 26 Sep 2018

Security plays a vital role in cloud operations. Test your knowledge of important concepts covered in Domain 5 of the CCSP exam, “Operations,” with this practice quiz. Read More

Quiz: multifactor authentication

By Margaret Rouse 10 Feb 2015

How well do you understand multifactor authentication and the authentication factors that support it? Take our quiz to find out. Read More