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Ready to put a VDI project plan in place? Take this quiz to prove it

By Eddie Lockhart 28 Mar 2017

VDI projects can fail easily. See how well you're prepared for VDI with this quiz, which asks about how to track user experience, what makes a successful pilot program and more. Read More

Can you manage virtual desktop user profile settings?

By John Powers 15 Aug 2018

IT can control virtual desktops more directly with user profile management. Take this quiz to find out if you know about the different profile types and more. Read More

Quiz time: Popular programming language list shows changes at the top

By Joel Shore 03 Jan 2017

As tastes in fashion reflect changing times, the choice for most-popular programming language reflects computing advancements. And like blue jeans, some languages keep hanging on. Read More

State of the cloud quiz: Do you know the latest cloud computing trends?

By Joel Shore 17 Mar 2017

Every new year brings changes to the cloud computing mandate. What mattered in the past has likely diminished in importance. How well is your company aligned with current trends? Read More

Quiz: Cloud-based data storage trends

By Joel Shore 21 Mar 2016

Storing data in every corporate branch is expensive and hinders performance. Are you up to date on current cloud-based data storage trends? Take this short quiz and find out. Read More

Hybrid cloud vocabulary quiz

By Margaret Rouse 18 Jun 2015

Take this quiz to find out how much you know about the essential terminology related to hybrid cloud technologies. See also, our Quick Start Glossary: Hybrid cloud. Read More

Quiz: Test your knowledge about the future of cloud traffic

By Joel Shore 17 Jun 2016

How fast is cloud-based IP traffic growing? Take this quiz and see if forecasts for cloud traffic volume, download speeds and server workloads are in line with your expectations. Read More

Quiz: Working with API code, RESTful APIs and more

By Fred Churchville 23 Feb 2016

As the use of APIs increasingly becomes a part of business strategies, developers need to know the ins and out of working with them. Take this quiz to find out what you know about APIs. Read More

Do you know the optimal VDI use cases?

By Eddie Lockhart 19 Sep 2018

Any IT pro considering VDI must know where to apply it. Find out if you know when and where VDI is a good fit with this quiz on user types, important considerations and more. Read More

Are you a VMware Blast Extreme expert? Take this quiz and prove it

By Eddie Lockhart 10 Feb 2017

You've probably heard about VMware Blast Extreme at this point, but do you really understand the technology? Take this quiz, which covers some of its key features, to find out. Read More