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Quiz: Test your knowledge about the future of cloud traffic

By Joel Shore 17 Jun 2016

How fast is cloud-based IP traffic growing? Take this quiz and see if forecasts for cloud traffic volume, download speeds and server workloads are in line with your expectations. Read More

Quiz: Working with API code, RESTful APIs and more

By Fred Churchville 23 Feb 2016

As the use of APIs increasingly becomes a part of business strategies, developers need to know the ins and out of working with them. Take this quiz to find out what you know about APIs. Read More

How do cloud deployment models affect IT operations?

By (ISC) 2 26 Sep 2018

Security plays a vital role in cloud operations. Test your knowledge of important concepts covered in Domain 5 of the CCSP exam, “Operations,” with this practice quiz. Read More

Desktop virtualization vocabulary quiz

By Margaret Rouse 30 Apr 2015

How much do you know about the essential terminology of desktop virtualization? Take our quiz to find out. Would you like to brush up first? See our Quick Start Glossary. Read More

Channel partner programs: Quiz yourself on new developments

By John Moore 24 May 2016

This installment of the channel news quiz covers developments in partner programs, recent conferences, data center technology and robotic process automation. Read More

Can you manage virtual desktop user profile settings?

By John Powers 15 Aug 2018

IT can control virtual desktops more directly with user profile management. Take this quiz to find out if you know about the different profile types and more. Read More

Are you a VMware Blast Extreme expert? Take this quiz and prove it

By Eddie Lockhart 10 Feb 2017

You've probably heard about VMware Blast Extreme at this point, but do you really understand the technology? Take this quiz, which covers some of its key features, to find out. Read More

Quiz: Are you ready for digital technology disruption?

By Joel Shore 13 May 2016

Cloud, mobile and IoT are shaking up not just IT, but entire industries. Is your organization part of the digital disruption technology revolution? Take this quiz and find out. Read More

WAN optimization vocabulary quiz

By Margaret Rouse 07 Apr 2015

Test your knowledge of essential WAN optimization terms with our 10-question quiz. See also: our WAN acceleration glossary. Read More

Cloud recovery service quiz tests details about DR

By Paul Crocetti 06 May 2016

Cloud-based disaster recovery can be a cost-effective, practical means of DR. Discover how well you know this method compared to a more conventional DR approach with physical sites. Read More