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What do you know about continuous software development?

By Ryan Black 01 May 2018

What's the difference between continuous development and deployment? Take the quiz to see if you can distinguish among all the continuous software processes. Read More

Quiz: App developer employment and cloud computing trends

By Joel Shore 22 Feb 2016

Cloud computing efforts span a spectrum from all in to indifferent. Take this quiz to see how your organization measures up in cloud computing trends. Read More

Test your knowledge of SD-WAN deployments and testing

By Michaela Goss 09 Dec 2019

As SD-WAN becomes more mainstream, organizations must learn what to expect during all phases of deployment. Try your knowledge of SD-WAN testing, deployments and troubleshooting. Read More

Quiz: Enterprise apps and the business planning process

By Fred Churchville 12 Oct 2015

The dependency between enterprise business applications and business process management has never been stronger. Test your knowledge on their relationship. Read More

Test your knowledge of cloud computing basics

By Kathleen Casey 31 Jul 2018

To grasp a technology, it's best to start with the basics. Take this brief cloud computing quiz to gauge your knowledge of providers, deployment models and other 101-level topics. Read More

This CCNP Collaboration quiz tests your Cisco UC smarts

By Chris Partsenidis 11 May 2016

The Cisco Collaboration certification covers several technological components from ports to protocols. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of Cisco UC technologies. Read More

360-degree view of the customer quiz

By Tim Ehrens 01 May 2015

Companies constantly chase the "360-degree view of the customer," aiming to merge different data sources to provide timely, consistent service. Read More

Are you prepared to manage PC lifecycles?

By John Powers 18 Jul 2018

IT can face many challenges when it comes to PC management, including faulty hardware and management complications. Find out if you're ready to face them with this quiz. Read More

Big data analytics vocabulary quiz

By Margaret Rouse 14 Apr 2015

Take our 10-question quiz to test your knowledge of essential big data analytics terminology or see our glossary of terms to study up ahead of time. Read More

Test your hyper-converged infrastructure use cases knowledge

By Rodney Brown 03 May 2018

Our quiz is all about how different workloads and applications require choosing different hardware and software options in a hyper-converged infrastructure platform. Read More