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Test your knowledge of mobile app programming languages

By Kristen Gloss 13 Jun 2018

Do you know the difference between native, web-based and hybrid mobile apps? Test your knowledge of mobile app development and languages with this quiz. Read More

Test your hyper-converged infrastructure use cases knowledge

By Rodney Brown 03 May 2018

Our quiz is all about how different workloads and applications require choosing different hardware and software options in a hyper-converged infrastructure platform. Read More

This CCNP Collaboration quiz tests your Cisco UC smarts

By Chris Partsenidis 11 May 2016

The Cisco Collaboration certification covers several technological components from ports to protocols. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of Cisco UC technologies. Read More

360-degree view of the customer quiz

By Tim Ehrens 01 May 2015

Companies constantly chase the "360-degree view of the customer," aiming to merge different data sources to provide timely, consistent service. Read More

Big data analytics vocabulary quiz

By Margaret Rouse 14 Apr 2015

Take our 10-question quiz to test your knowledge of essential big data analytics terminology or see our glossary of terms to study up ahead of time. Read More

SQL Server 2016 new features quiz: PolyBase, Stretch Database and more

By Jessica Sirkin 27 Jun 2016

With the official release of SQL Server 2016, the upgrade process is starting. Find out if you're a SQL Server 2016 expert or if you still need to learn about SQL Server 2016 new features. Read More

Pop quiz: Test your knowledge of open source terminology

By Austin Allen 23 Mar 2016

Open source technology is a wild west at times. Make sure your open source terminology is up to snuff with this short quiz. Read More

Renegade IT essentials: A CIO quiz

By Brian Holak 20 Mar 2015

Are you properly handling renegade IT at your organization? Assess your IT management skills with this CIO quiz. Read More

Cloud computing management: A CIO quiz

By Brian Holak 09 Mar 2015

Proper cloud conduct can make or break a company. Are you doing everything right? Assess your cloud computing management know-how with this CIO quiz. Read More

Test your knowledge of the AWS shared responsibility model

By Stephen J. Bigelow 06 Feb 2018

Do you know where AWS' security responsibility ends and yours begins? Try your hand with this quick quiz. Read More