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Reviewing cloud data protection measures: CCSP Domain 2

By (ISC) 2 29 May 2018

This practice quiz will assess your understanding of key concepts in Domain 2 of the CCSP exam. This part of the test covers cloud data security strategies, technologies and more. Read More

Quiz: Need-to-know VMware products

By Margaret Jones 30 Oct 2014

So, you think you know your VMware products, but what about the new tools? Or the old products with new names? See if you have what it takes to crush this quiz. Read More

Quiz: Test your UCaaS knowledge

By Katherine Finnell 30 Sep 2014

Many organizations are moving their UC services to the cloud and migrating to unified communications as a service. Test your UCaaS IQ with our quiz. Read More

Amazon Web Services Security Quiz

29 Sep 2014

Test your knowledge of Amazon Web Services security best practices with this 10 question security quiz. Read More

How well do you know Windows 10 virtual desktops?

By Eddie Lockhart 19 Dec 2017

Think you're a Windows 10 expert? How about a VDI expert? Show off your knowledge of both with this quiz on virtual desktops with Windows 10. Read More

Test your knowledge of GDPR rights and AWS data protection

By Alexander S. Gillis 13 Apr 2018

Is your enterprise GDPR-compliant? Take this quick quiz to test your knowledge of the EU regulation, as well as relevant AWS data protection tools. Read More

Test your hyper-converged infrastructure storage knowledge

By Rodney Brown 22 May 2018

Storage in a hyper-converged infrastructure is not limited to whatever disks the vendor decides to put into its base appliance. Test your knowledge of HCI storage with our quiz. Read More

Are you prepared for a Windows 10 transition?

By John Powers 26 Apr 2018

When IT executes a transition to Windows 10, it must understand all the potential pitfalls inherent in an OS migration. Quiz yourself to see if you are ready for this challenge. Read More

Test yourself on open networking, open source and SDN

By Jennifer English 26 Apr 2018

The open networking concept follows the likes of SDN and open source, but the lines separating them all are often blurred. This quiz can help you understand the differences. Read More

A brain teaser to plan for, design and manage APIs

By Fred Churchville 15 May 2018

As organizations shift toward the use of distributed architectures, an increased use of APIs is bound to follow. Take this quiz and test your knowledge on how to plan, design and manage APIs. Read More