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Can you use root cause analysis for VDI troubleshooting?

By John Powers 09 Jul 2018

When IT pros adopt root cause analysis for VDI, they must know how to best use it to solve performance problems before they affect end users. Take this quiz to see if you're ready. Read More

How well do you know EMM platforms?

By Kristen Gloss 24 Apr 2018

Enterprise mobility management is made up of many different facets, including MDM and MCM. Do you know the difference between them? Test your knowledge with this quiz. Read More

Unix command line quiz

By Meredith Courtemanche 04 Feb 2014

Do you know how to move a file or get a list of current users from your Unix servers? Take our Unix quiz on essential commands for system admins. Read More

Take the open source hyper-converged knowledge challenge

By Rodney Brown 28 Mar 2018

If you are considering an open source HCI implementation, this quiz can help you further refine your knowledge and better prepare you for the final decision. Read More

How much do you know about the components of SQL Server?

By Maxine Giza 17 Apr 2018

From SQL Server Machine Learning Services to the SQL Server Operating System, there's a lot to know about SQL Server. Test your SQL Server knowledge with our quiz. Read More

How well do you know your Windows 10 update options?

By Eddie Lockhart 07 Jun 2018

Microsoft offers three Windows 10 servicing channels, a host of tools for managing updates and different update types. See if you can sort it all out with this Windows 10 update quiz. Read More

Pop quiz: Know the ABCs of data center spending

By Sharon Zaharoff 29 Apr 2015

There are a lot of acronyms that define data center spending, but which letters will save you money? See how well you know IT budget vocab. Read More

Test your knowledge: Amazon Redshift quiz

By Katherine Martin 26 Nov 2014

Test your knowledge of Amazon Web Services' fully managed data warehouse service with this 10-question quiz. Read More

Test your IQ on microservices principles and strategies

By Fred Churchville 26 Dec 2017

Think you have a good handle on microservices and how to properly introduce them to your organization? Take a shot at this quiz to find out for yourself. Read More

Test your knowledge: Amazon CloudFront quiz

By Katherine Martin 21 Oct 2014

Test your knowledge of Amazon Web Services' content delivery service with this 10-question quiz. Read More