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Test your private vs. public cloud knowledge

23 May 2018

Although public and private clouds might seem similar on the surface, they differ greatly in terms of their architecture and use cases. Take our quiz to see if you know your stuff. Read More

Can you choose the right tools to manage Azure resources?

By Kathleen Casey 07 Mar 2018

Azure continues to evolve its tool set to simplify cloud monitoring and management for admins. Take this brief quiz to see how much you know about these tools' capabilities. Read More

Pop quiz: Know the ABCs of data center spending

By Sharon Zaharoff 29 Apr 2015

There are a lot of acronyms that define data center spending, but which letters will save you money? See how well you know IT budget vocab. Read More

Test your knowledge: Amazon Redshift quiz

By Katherine Martin 26 Nov 2014

Test your knowledge of Amazon Web Services' fully managed data warehouse service with this 10-question quiz. Read More

Can you pass the Windows 10 upgrade test?

By Kelly M. Stewart 06 Dec 2017

A full upgrade to Windows 10 is easier said than done. Use this quiz to determine how ready you are to lead the migration charge. Read More

Test your knowledge: Amazon CloudFront quiz

By Katherine Martin 21 Oct 2014

Test your knowledge of Amazon Web Services' content delivery service with this 10-question quiz. Read More

Ready to master virtualization-based security in Windows 10?

By Eddie Lockhart 11 Jan 2018

Put your knowledge of virtualization-based security in Windows 10 on the line with this quiz covering the ins and outs of features such as Isolated User Mode and Device Guard. Read More

The next stage in mobile network technology: A CIO quiz

By Aislyn Fredsall 17 Feb 2015

Think you know what the future holds for the intersection of mobility and networking? Review our recent coverage and then take our quiz to test your knowledge of mobile network technology. Read More

Social BPM quiz

By Stephanie Mann 08 Mar 2013

Test your knowledge of social business process management, or social BPM, with this six-question quiz. Read More

Sharpen your pencils: It's a Microsoft Azure cloud quiz

By Nicholas Rando 12 Feb 2015

Microsoft Azure is a force in cloud and widely considered a top-three vendor. So, how well do you know Microsoft's cloud? Take our quiz to find out. Read More