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End-user security training quiz for IT pros

By John Powers 26 Mar 2019

When it comes to social engineering attacks, there is no better method to improve security than training users. Find out if you're ready with this quiz. Read More

Quiz yourself on top features of Windows 10

By Yuuki Nishida 30 Jan 2019

With each update, Microsoft introduces many new features that it can be hard to keep track of. Challenge yourself on how well you know these Windows 10 key features and other terms. Read More

5G Quiz - Can you speak 5G?

By Margaret Rouse 17 Apr 2019

Next-generation 5G wireless technology will offer faster speeds and increased capacity. Do you speak the language well enough to take advantage of all 5G offers? Read More

A quiz for Microsoft Intune admins on the tool's top features

By John Powers 04 Mar 2019

Microsoft Intune has existed for almost a decade, and it has gone through a fair amount of changes. Test yourself on the features and functions of Intune. Read More

Test your phishing security knowledge with this quiz

By John Powers 20 Dec 2018

Email phishing can cause major security breaches if users aren't careful. IT must train users on email security best practices to defend against these attacks. Read More

Test your digital workspace services prowess with this quiz

By John Powers 18 Jan 2019

Citrix and VMware each have workspace platforms with features that control mobile notifications, workflows and more. Find out if you know what they are with this workspace quiz. Read More

Can this Active Directory quiz stump you?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 17 Oct 2018

How much do you know about Active Directory? Find out with this Active Directory quiz on the service's basics, structure and capabilities. Read More

Pop quiz: Desktop virtualization certifications for Citrix and VMware

By John Powers 28 Nov 2018

VMware and Citrix offer numerous certifications for their virtual desktop and app products. Test yourself on the different levels and types of certifications and what each one covers. Read More

Test your cloud automation and orchestration expertise

By Sara Grier 25 Oct 2019

Are you familiar with the tools and services available for cloud orchestration and automation? Take this quiz and see how you stack up. Read More

A quick quiz on machine learning services in public cloud

By Kathleen Casey 07 Nov 2018

From customized hardware to APIs, public cloud providers now tout a wide range of machine learning and AI technologies. How well have you kept up with this rapidly evolving market? Read More