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What, why and how: An enterprise MDM quiz

By Margaret Jones 01 Nov 2012

Many companies struggle to manage workers' devices. Have you tried MDM? See how much you know about enterprise MDM before implementing a system. Read More

Quiz: Test your knowledge of cloud portability issues

By Moriah Sargent 21 Nov 2014

Think you know about cloud portability? Find out by taking this quick, five-question quiz! Read More

Pop quiz on VMware EVO:RAIL and EVO:RACK

By Ryan Lanigan 20 Nov 2014

VMware announced its hyper-converged infrastructure offerings at VMworld 2014, so how much do you know about EVO:RAIL and its bigger sibling, EVO:RACK? Read More

Project management practices: A quiz for CIOs

23 Dec 2013

Project management practices evolve as people and priorities change. As a CIO, is your knowledge of project and portfolio management up to date? Read More

Call center operations quiz

05 Jun 2013

Call center operations are working hard to keep up with the technology revolution. Find out why the call center is not just for telephones anymore. Read More

Test your knowledge of these core OpenStack components

By Kathleen Casey 03 Nov 2017

The OpenStack platform contains a mix of services for compute, networking, security and more. See if you can identify which service performs which function with this quick quiz. Read More

Demand-driven manufacturing quiz

30 May 2013

Think you know the finer points of demand driven manufacturing? Take this short quiz and find out. Read More

Quiz: Database security issues

By Michael Cobb 30 May 2013

This 10-question quiz will test your knowledge of the key points we’ve covered in the webcast, podcast and tip in this database security school lesson. Read More

Quiz: Mobile middleware and application development

By Maxine Giza 26 Nov 2013

What do you know about mobile middleware and development? Find out with our seven-question quiz! Read More

Are you a master of user environment management tools for VDI?

By Eddie Lockhart 28 Aug 2017

Prove your knowledge of user environment management tools with this quiz, covering VMware's built-in UEM tool, UEM alternatives and more. Read More