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Quiz: What do you know about Web services technology?

By Maxine Giza 13 Aug 2014

Prove your knowledge of the basics of Web services technology with our seven-question quiz! Read More

Quiz: HIPAA Mobile Security

07 Feb 2013

In this quiz, test your knowledge of BYOD strategies, encryption best practices and potential violations concerning HIPAA mobile device security. Read More

Quiz: Storage backup for hospitals

01 Feb 2013

In this quiz, test your knowledge of HIPAA-compliant disaster recovery and emergency operation plans, as well as data backup in storage environments. Read More

Quiz: Careers in information technology and how to get ahead

24 Feb 2014

Attention, readers with careers in information technology: Take this quiz and learn how to get ahead, earn more money and hone project ambitions. Read More

Test your knowledge: Amazon Simple Queue Service quiz

By Katherine Martin 17 Dec 2014

Test your knowledge of Amazon Web Services' simple queuing service with this 10-question quiz. Read More

Talent management systems quiz

By Emma Snider 21 Jan 2013

Are you an expert on talent management systems, or could your knowledge benefit from some brushing up? Find out by taking this seven-question quiz. Read More

Web-borne malware Security School quiz

By Pete Lindstrom 21 Jan 2014

In this 6-question quiz, test your knowledge of Pete Lindstrom’s Security School lesson on Web-borne malware. Read More

Quiz: What do you know about API development?

By Caroline De Lacvivier 20 Jan 2014

Do you have what it takes to develop and manage a successful API? Test your knowledge of API development with this six-question quiz. Read More

Agile concepts quiz

By Margaret Rouse 11 Apr 2012

A quiz to test your knowledge of Agile terms and concepts. Also includes links to an Agile glossary and more resources. Read More

Hyper-converged infrastructure appliances vs. DIY options

By Erin Sullivan 30 Oct 2017

If you're ready to invest in a hyper-converged infrastructure, it's worth it to explore all your possibilities. Take our quiz and decide if a prebuilt or DIY system is right for you. Read More