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Test your cloud computing news knowledge

By Kathleen Casey 04 Jun 2019

The beginning of the year was filled with new and improved cloud product offerings as providers vie for the top spot. Have you stayed up to date? Read More

Information protection: A quiz for data-minded CIOs

14 Nov 2013

Information protection mandates must be met with creativity and knowledge rather than simply funds. Take this quiz and learn how to secure your data. Read More

Mobile desktops quiz

30 Jan 2012

After listening to our podcast, reading our article and viewing our webcast on delivering virtual desktops to mobile devices, how much have you learned? Test your knowledge. Read More

Quiz: Oracle Multitenant and Database 12c

08 Nov 2013

Test your knowledge of the database virtualization feature Oracle Multitenant and the release of the Oracle 12c database by taking this quiz. Read More

Nesta quiz reveals attitudes on innovation and technological change

By Kayleigh Bateman 16 Apr 2014

Nesta has published research into Britain's attitudes on innovation and technological change, categorising respondents of its quiz into five personas. Read More

The vSphere features quiz, version 5.5

By Julia Anderson 21 Oct 2013

VMware didn't completely overhaul vSphere, but version 5.5 offers improvements, updates and new features. Do you know what to expect? Read More

Quiz: Creating effective predictive analytics programs

By Melanie Luna 16 Oct 2013

Take this brief quiz to test your knowledge of predictive analytics and what is needed to implement successful predictive modeling processes. Read More

The consumerization of technology: A quiz for CIOs

24 Aug 2012

Do you understand the CIO's role in the consumerization of technology in all facets of the organization? Take our IT quiz to find out. Read More

SaaS technology and strategy quiz

By Adam Riglian 15 Aug 2012

See how well you really understand SaaS. If you need help, check out our SaaS Technology Guide. Read More

Quiz: RHEV architecture and management

By Julia Anderson 13 Aug 2012

Think you've mastered the ins and outs of RHEV architecture and management? Put your knowledge to the test by taking this short quiz. Read More