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Test your infosec smarts about IAM and other key subjects

By Brenda L. Horrigan 16 Sep 2019

Solidify your knowledge and get CPE credits by taking this quiz on IAM, security frameworks, IoT third-party risks and more. Read More

Test your knowledge with this Microsoft Azure cloud quiz

By Kathleen Casey 02 Oct 2018

Fancy yourself a Microsoft Azure cloud expert? Put your knowledge to the test with this brief quiz on Azure services, tools and recent market news. Read More

Quiz yourself on cloud-native app development tools

By Kathleen Casey 28 Sep 2018

There are many app development tools in the cloud market, including those from top IaaS providers. Take this quiz to gauge your knowledge of some popular native options. Read More

Are you ready for a hybrid UC migration?

By Micah Levine 11 Oct 2019

Hybrid UC is an option for organizations that aren't ready or able to move all of their UC to the cloud. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of a hybrid UC migration. Read More

Can you ace this quiz on cloud computing privacy issues?

By (ISC) 2 24 Oct 2018

Consumers and enterprises are increasingly concerned about data privacy -- with good reason -- and cloud computing introduces a host of new challenges. How well do you know them? Read More

How much do you know about VMware AppDefense?

By Allyson Larcom 17 Sep 2019

How much do you know about VMware's security product, AppDefense? This quiz asks you about AppDefense's technology and use cases to prove your understanding. Read More

Do you know how to improve employee experience? Test yourself

By Rachel Meltzer 08 Oct 2019

Think you know what it takes to create a positive employee experience for your workers? Take this EX quiz to test your savvy and see where you need work. Read More

Web browser quiz: Do you know Chrome, Firefox, Edge and IE?

By Eddie Lockhart 11 Dec 2018

Users work with web browsers constantly. As a result, it's important for IT to know how to manage the top options, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Read More

Challenge your wits on stateful and stateless concepts

By Josh Kolarac 11 Sep 2019

It's essential to understand the differences between stateful and stateless application characteristics, especially as distributed architectures grow in popularity. Test your knowledge on state concepts with this ... Read More

Put your composable infrastructure knowledge to the test

By James Alan Miller 17 Sep 2019

Are you up to speed on composable disaggregated infrastructure and technology? Take our quiz to find out if you know how composability works and how it can benefit you. Read More