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Test your cloud migration services knowledge

By Sara Grier 05 Sep 2019

Are you familiar with the vendor services and tools that can support a cloud migration? Take this quiz and see what you know about cloud migration services. Read More

Pop quiz on the cost of VDI

By Eddie Lockhart 13 Dec 2017

VDI costs are not nearly as high as they once were. As a result, the time is right for IT pros to test their knowledge on where they can find savings. Read More

Take the Windows 10 migration tools pop quiz

By Eddie Lockhart 29 Jun 2018

Microsoft offers a host of tools IT pros can use to make the move to Windows 10 a little easier. See how well you know your options with this quiz. Read More

Is your organization ready for cloud unified communications?

By Micah Levine 20 Aug 2019

Before adopting cloud unified communications, make sure you understand the ins and outs of a migration. Take this quiz to see if your organization is ready to migrate. Read More

How much do you know about VMware Cloud on AWS?

By Stefani Muñoz 07 Aug 2019

Take our quiz to test your knowledge on VMware Cloud on AWS to see if you understand important use cases, general information and features. Read More

Test your networking knowledge: What is edge computing?

By Michaela Goss 05 Aug 2019

Edge computing technology isn't new, but it may differ from your expectations. This quiz covers essential edge computing basics, such as pros, cons and differentiators. Read More

How well do you understand UC cloud SLAs?

By Katherine Finnell 26 Jul 2019

Getting the right unified communications cloud SLA can be difficult for organizations. This quiz covers the essentials of SLAs, from the basic components to IT's role. Read More

What are network firewalls? Test your network security IQ

By Michaela Goss 19 Aug 2019

Network firewalls have been an essential part of network security since the internet began. This quiz covers what network firewalls are and tests your security expertise. Read More

Test your knowledge of PaaS providers with this brief quiz

By Kathleen Casey 04 May 2018

The PaaS market continues to evolve, with a range of vendors and tools available to enterprise development teams. Use this brief quiz to see how your PaaS knowledge stacks up. Read More

Can you recover from ransomware? Take our quiz and find out

By Erin Sullivan 25 Jun 2018

Ransomware recovery is a complex, often expensive process. Are you prepared in the event of an attack? It may be time to ask yourself the difficult (or perhaps easy) questions. Read More