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Test your multi-cloud disaster recovery expertise

By Erin Sullivan 30 Jul 2019

Multi-cloud DR is growing in popularity as a reliable recovery strategy in businesses of all sizes. Put your knowledge of multi-cloud DR to the test with this quiz. Read More

Take the converged vs. hyper-converged infrastructure quiz

By Rodney Brown 13 Apr 2018

Before you start the decision-making process over which IT approach you should take, quiz yourself on your hyper-converged and converged platform knowledge. Read More

Ten Jenkins quiz questions to test your install and config IQ

By Cameron McKenzie 24 Jul 2018

Here are 10 Jenkins questions designed to test your knowledge of the build tool. Think you know continuous integration well? Take this Jenkins quiz, and find out if you do. Read More

Put your hyper-converged cloud knowledge to the test

By James Alan Miller 29 Jul 2019

Are you up to speed on clouds built on hyper-converged infrastructure platforms and technology? Take our quiz to find out if you know how they work and their benefits. Read More

Quiz: Test your knowledge on how SD-WAN works

By Jennifer English 06 Mar 2018

With SD-WAN deployment on the rise, take the time to test your knowledge about how SD-WAN works. This quiz covers SD-WAN technology basics, benefits of SD-WAN and common myths. Read More

10 Git quiz questions to test your distributed version control skills

By Cameron McKenzie 31 Jul 2018

Test your distributed version control knowledge with this 10 Git questions quiz. It's a quick test that will see how well you know the basics of the popular DVCS tool. Read More

Put your serverless computing knowledge to the test

By Kathleen Casey 10 Apr 2019

The word 'serverless' is on everyone in IT's lips, but do you know the basics? Take this quiz and find out. Read More

CISSP Domain 6 quiz: Vulnerabilities in software

By (ISC) 2 18 Dec 2017

Domain 6 of the CISSP exam tests how well you understand the security assessment and testing strategies needed to recognize, prevent and remedy vulnerabilities in software. Read More

Domain 8: Security in software development lifecycle quiz

By (ISC) 2 21 Feb 2018

Understanding the ins and outs of the software development lifecycle is pivotal to passing Domain 8 of the CISSP exam. Are you ready? Find out with this practice quiz. Read More

Are you ready to adopt cloud video conferencing?

By Micah Levine 20 Jun 2019

Video is an important tool for enterprises looking to support dispersed employees. Take this quiz to see how much you know about cloud video conferencing. Read More