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Put your multi-cloud storage knowledge to the test

By Stacey Peterson 26 Jun 2019

Do you know what you need to about multi-cloud and storage? Use our quiz to find out about the technology's basics, as well as integration, management and migration issues. Read More

'Tis (or t'is?) the season: A grammar quiz

By Margaret Rouse 20 Nov 2017

There are a surprising number of pitfalls to holiday writing. How do you spell the name of that red plant your department is hawking for charity, for example? And does the possessive form of "Claus" take a second "... Read More

Can you ace our DevOps quiz? Maybe, but beware SnackOps

By Ryan Dowd 09 May 2018

Do you know the difference between BizDevOps and DevOps 2.0? How about HumanOps and HugOps? What about SnackOps? Time to test your DevOps methodology knowledge. Read More

Quiz yourself on Red Hat virtualization pricing and updates

By Nick Moore 11 Jan 2018

The Red Hat Virtualization platform can be a powerful tool in your arsenal. Take this quiz on RHV pricing, updates and functionality to see if you know your stuff. Read More

Is your shop compliant? Take our DevOps audit quiz to find out

By Ryan Dowd 06 Jun 2018

Compliance is hard, even in a Waterfall environment. Bring in the speed of DevOps, and it can feel overwhelming. Take our quiz to see if your DevOps team is ready. Read More

Get ready for CISSP Domain 7: Cyberattack prevention quiz

By (ISC) 2 13 Feb 2018

Do you know what it takes to stop bad guys in their tracks? Find out with this practice quiz on cybersecurity methods and tools used to thwart or recover from an attack. Read More

Test yourself on Fibre Channel basics and the latest updates

By Stacey Peterson 02 May 2019

Are you up to speed on Fibre Channel? Take our quiz to find out if you know how the storage networking technology works and the latest updates. Read More

CISSP Domain 3 quiz: Security engineering

By (ISC) 2 12 Sep 2017

In preparing for Domain 3, Security Engineering, CISSP candidates should review a wide range of concepts, from security models to cryptography systems. Read More

Test your knowledge of Google Cloud management tools

By Sara Grier 15 May 2019

Are you a Google Cloud expert? Can you ace this quiz focused on Google's management and monitoring tools? Find out how you stack up against your colleagues. Read More

CISSP Domain 4 quiz: Network security basics

By (ISC) 2 09 Oct 2017

Think you know network security basics inside and out? Take this 10-question quiz to find out how well you’ve prepared for Domain 4 of the CISSP exam. Read More