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Test your knowledge of supply chain management basics and key terms

By Gabriella Frick 07 May 2019

To gain a better understanding of supply chain management, take this 13-question quiz and ensure you have a firm grasp of the key terms and processes it encompasses. Read More

CISSP Domain 5 quiz: Types of access control systems

By (ISC) 2 08 Dec 2017

Get ready for the CISSP exam with this 10-question practice quiz covering key concepts in Domain 5, including access control, identity, authentication and more. Read More

Is your SSD storage acumen up to snuff?

By Stacey Peterson 15 Mar 2019

Take our quiz to find out if you're up to speed on solid-state technology in areas such as SSD form factors, management strategy, security and innovation. Read More

Quiz: Are you ready for AR and VR in the enterprise?

By Kelly M. Stewart 27 Sep 2017

There is much more to AR and VR technology than meets the eye. Use this quiz to get a refreshing look on how the software and hardware are evolving in the enterprise. Read More

What do you know about the history of Wi-Fi?

By Michaela Goss 23 May 2019

If you ever wonder how Wi-Fi got to where it is today, this quiz takes you through the vast history of Wi-Fi, from the first generation through 802.11ax's impending ratification. Read More

Test your wireless knowledge: What is 802.11ax?

By Michaela Goss 17 May 2019

Despite global hype, some network professionals still wonder what 802.11ax is and how it will change networking. This quiz covers essential information all Wi-Fi aficionados should know. Read More

Test your knowledge of the device-as-a-service model

By John Powers 26 Feb 2019

For some organizations, leasing devices and support, also known as device as a service, is the best option for device management. Quiz yourself on this business model. Read More

Test your knowledge of speech technology applications

By Micah Levine 05 Apr 2019

Speech technology applications are integrated into everything, from contact centers to email platforms. Take our quiz to find out how much you know about this growing technology segment. Read More

How well do you know open source PowerShell Core?

By Kristen Gloss 25 Jan 2019

Do you know how PowerShell Core differs from Windows PowerShell? Find out with this quiz on the open source PowerShell management utility. Read More

How much do you really know about intent-based networks?

By Michaela Goss 08 Mar 2019

Break through the intent-based networking hype and take the time to evaluate what you know about the architecture. This quiz covers IBN basics, the benefits of IBN and beyond. Read More