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Quiz: Five questions about today's enterprise architecture models

By Fred Churchville 28 Apr 2017

Trends surrounding today's enterprise architecture models seem to change at a head-spinning rate. See what you know about these modern architecture trends. Read More

Quiz: What's your IQ on data science techniques and processes?

By Tréa Lavery 27 Apr 2017

Creating a successful data science program enables you to look deeper into your organization's data for analytics uses. Take this quiz to see how much you know about the data science process. Read More

Quiz yourself on the latest cloud technology news so far in 2017

By Kathleen Casey 05 Jul 2017

A lot has happened in the cloud market over the past six months. New tools and partnerships dominated the headlines -- but how much do you remember? Find out with this quiz. Read More

Test your knowledge of headless CMS

By Rowena Lindsay 30 Jan 2019

Do you know the difference among traditional, decoupled and headless CMS? Test your knowledge of web content management systems with this quiz. Read More

What do you know about the history of mobile networks?

By Michaela Goss 16 Apr 2019

Though it still has a long way to go, 5G is finally here. This quiz takes you through mobile networking's history -- from first-generation wireless to 5G expectations. Read More

Can you accurately measure SLA expectations and results?

By Meredith Courtemanche 21 Mar 2019

Realistic SLA expectations rely on accurately defined criteria, properly set. Test your knowledge of SLA measurements and learn to tailor contracts that avoid costly consequences with this quiz. Read More

CISSP Domain 2 quiz: Data security control, asset protection

By (ISC) 2 17 Aug 2017

Domain 2 of the CISSP exam, known as asset security, covers data security control, classification, ownership and more. Test your knowledge with this 10-question practice quiz. Read More

Quiz: Find out how smart you are about machine learning and AI

By Tréa Lavery 30 May 2017

Machine learning can help businesses gain powerful analytics value from their data -- but only if it's done right. How much do you know about machine learning and related forms of AI? Read More

Quiz time: What do you know about OpenStack deployments and users?

By Joel Shore 18 May 2017

Attended by thousands of developers, the 2017 OpenStack Summit proved the cloud computing platform is no novelty. Take this quiz to see if your company is equally onboard. Read More

Do you know how to troubleshoot wireless connection problems?

By Michaela Goss 01 Feb 2019

Wireless connection issues are common, but discovering where the problems reside can be difficult. This quiz covers 10 commonly overlooked troubleshooting best practices. Read More