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How each remote display protocol handles codecs

By Eddie Lockhart 07 Feb 2018

The codecs that remote display protocols use to transfer an image to a virtual desktop have a large effect on the quality of both videos and text. Read More

Critical Cisco ASA vulnerability patched against remote attacks

By Michael Heller 30 Jan 2018

Experts urge users to patch a new Cisco ASA vulnerability that earned the most critical CVSS score of 10.0 and could lead to remote code execution and denial of service attacks. Read More

Set up remote domains to control Exchange messaging

By Brien Posey 21 Nov 2017

Administrators can configure a remote domain to perform particular tasks, such as converting certain email formats and stopping users from forwarding messages to another domain. Read More

How does a remote display protocol actually work?

By Robert Sheldon 21 Nov 2017

IT should know how remote display protocols, which transmit the desktop image from the data center to the end user, work because of the critical role they play in VDI. Read More

Microsoft puts a new face on remote server management

By Tom Walat 31 Oct 2017

Microsoft's Project Honolulu puts the GUI back in the spotlight for systems administrators who felt left behind by the company's focus on advanced initiatives. Read More

Remote display protocol class is in session

By Eddie Lockhart 30 Oct 2017

VDI shops must understand the ins and outs of remote display protocols to make sure users are having a good experience with the virtual images they receive. Read More

What are the open source remote display protocol options?

By Tom Howarth 30 Oct 2017

Fluctuating VDI costs can catch any organization by surprise. Consider open source remote display protocols to keep the price tag low and user experience high. Read More

What is VMware Remote Console and how do you run it?

By Vladan Seget 04 Jan 2018

A vSphere administrator can use VMware Remote Console to remotely access a VM's peripherals, configuration and desktop remotely through the vSphere Web Client. Read More

Could remote browsers get popular for SaaS security in 2018?

By Jack Madden 11 Dec 2017

Secure remote browsers are a good way to apply the benefits of remote computing to SaaS, but this use case doesn’t seem to have caught on yet. Read More