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Gearing up to meet GDPR compliance requirements

26 Feb 2018

In this webcast, attorney Nicholas Merker discusses the necessary steps companies should be taking to meet the EU's looming GDPR compliance requirements. Read More

Meet these SCVMM 2016 requirements before upgrading

By Nirmal Sharma 15 Feb 2018

Before upgrading to SCVMM 2016, ensure that you meet its hardware requirements, including SCVMM 2012 R2 and Update Rollup 9 or later, and have a supported version of SQL Server. Read More

At Ceridian, role of CIO requires constant learning, adjusting

By Dave Bernard 13 Mar 2018

You might say Warren Perlman, CIO at Ceridian, a global HCM software company, has been preparing for the role of CIO all his life -- ever since he got his first computer at age 6. Read More

Determining HRM software system requirements and features

By Mary E. Shacklett 12 Mar 2018

Take a look at your company, both where it is and where it's headed. Your present and future HR needs should determine your HCM system and inform the HR software RFP process. Read More

Get tooled up to meet GDPR requirements

08 Jan 2018

We look at options for tools to help organisations comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation Read More

Keeping up with digital change requires a new approach to security

By Michael Xie 27 Feb 2018

IoT, mobile computing, cloud-based services and multi-cloud infrastructures are redefining not only how business is done, but how environments must be secured. Fortinet's Michael Xie discusses. Read More

Why digital customer experience requires business transformation

By Cliff Saran 21 Feb 2018

Research shows that customer experience will boost business, but IT and the people across the organisation need to embrace data analytics Read More

Are you ready to comply with GDPR requirements?

By Marc Staimer 12 Feb 2018

Compliance with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation isn't optional. Noncompliance could be costly and possibly disastrous. Find out what you need to know. Read More

Mobile security issues require a unified approach

By Kevin Beaver 08 Feb 2018

Security gaps in mobile devices can be many and varied, but they must be addressed immediately. Unified endpoint management is the next-gen way to close the gaps. Read More

GDPR breach notification: Time to focus on the requirements

By Steve Zurier 01 Feb 2018

Some large U.S. companies have been working behind the scenes on GDPR requirements for more than a year, but there's strong evidence that many have not been as diligent. Read More