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Rob Livingstone

Livingstone Advisory

Rob Livingstone is owner and principal of Livingstone Advisory, an IT consulting firm based in Sydney.Read More

Get finance and IT to see eye-to-eye on the cloud

By Rob Livingstone 14 May 2014

Rob Livingstone gives pointers on how to help finance and IT to agree on a cloud strategy. Read More

Four steps to get started with rolling forecasts

By Rob Livingstone 18 Mar 2014

Rob Livingstone recommends validating the business case and assessing technology for rolling forecasts, among other steps. Read More

Ask the expert: Are rolling forecasts right for every company?

By Rob Livingstone 14 Mar 2014

Rob Livingstone shares tips to determine whether rolling forecasts are right for a particular organization. Read More

Why finance and IT should buddy up on risk strategies

By Rob Livingstone 17 Jun 2014

Rob Livingstone explains how finance and IT should approach risk and define risk strategies in today's volatile business environment. Read More

Seven considerations before launching driver-based planning

By Rob Livingstone 03 Apr 2014

When getting started with driver-based planning, Rob Livingstone recommends taking an inclusive approach and defining accountability. Read More

How to get IT and finance to agree on governance models

By Rob Livingstone 10 Apr 2014

Rob Livingstone explains why understanding tensions among IT, finance and the rest of the organization is critical to agreeing on governance models. Read More

Clean ERP before new budgeting and forecasting software: Yes or no?

By Rob Livingstone 27 Feb 2014

Rob Livingstone explains how to decide whether or not to get ERP data in order before implementing new budgeting, planning and forecasting software. Read More

Keep an eye to value in the IT budgeting process

By Rob Livingstone 12 Jun 2014

Don't solely focus on an IT project's price tag. Accounting for projected value and business benefit is also critical, according to Rob Livingstone. Read More

How CFOs can become trusted business partners

By Rob Livingstone 04 Apr 2014

The CFO role is becoming more service-oriented. Rob Livingstone provides tips on how CFOs can develop positive and influential relationships. Read More