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Ask the expert: BP&F software budget manager training tips

By Rob Livingstone 04 Mar 2014

Rob Livingstone shares budget manager training tips to make sure new BP&F software is successfully onboarded. Read More

Five critical factors that define ROI of IT projects

By Rob Livingstone 03 May 2014

While cost is certainly an important factor in defining IT projects' ROI, Rob Livingstone recommends that companies also evaluate risk and value. Read More

Should the CFO sit at the top of the IT reporting structure?

By Rob Livingstone 12 Jun 2014

Approximately half of all IT departments roll up to the finance department. Discover how to determine if a hierarchy shakeup is in order. Read More

Six reality checks to ensure a successful IT deployment

By Rob Livingstone 10 Jun 2014

A lot can go wrong in an IT deployment. But by taking these six gut checks, the potential for failure can be reduced. Read More

Integrate finance and operations with these CPM software tips

By Linda Rosencrance 19 Sep 2014

CPM experts offer strategies for addressing the people, processes and technology issues involved in bringing both sides together. Read More

How to know when it's time to dump Excel for BP&F software

By Linda Rosencrance 10 Sep 2014

Users and consultants say the presence of any of these seven indicators probably means your Excel-based budgeting, planning and forecasting are ready for heavy-duty specialty tools. Read More

Clearing the roadblocks to predictive business analytics adoption

By Emma Snider 08 Apr 2014

Despite the benefits of predictive business analytics, adoption is still low due to people, processes and technology. Read More

Navigate the cloud-based financial software buying process

By Emma Snider 05 May 2014

Workday and NetSuite users reveal how they overcame security worries and functionality snags to sign on with cloud-based financial software vendors. Read More

Excel automation tools save time but don't eliminate error potential

By Emma Snider 12 Apr 2013

Users say Excel automation tool Spreadsheet Server reduces manual data entry, but it doesn't nix Excel snags. Analysts say it's typical of the category. Read More