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Sametime is software from Lotus for group collaboration over the Internet.Read More

Beginner's guide to Lotus Sametime 8.5

By Chuck Connell 25 Oct 2010

The installation architecture of Lotus Sametime 8.5 can be a lot more straightforward than its documentation lets on. Find out how to simplify the setup in this expert tip. Read More

Sametime all the time

06 Apr 2005

Check out the great advisory skills of Mathew Newman, standing by to answer your questions about Lotus instant messaging. Read More

Q&A with IBM's Sametime executives

By Shamus McGillicuddy 09 Apr 2009

At VoiceCon last week, SearchUnifiedCommunications sat down with two IBM executives to discuss what the company is doing with IBM Sametime Unified Telephony, which can integrate presence, instant messaging, email, ... Read More

Secure and seamless integration of iNotes, Sametime and Quickr

27 May 2010

Use these instructions to set up a seamless and secure integration of iNotes, Quickr and Sametime. Doing so allows users to sign onto any of the three servers and navigate to the others without logging in again. Read More

FAQ: Sametime administration and troubleshooting

16 Feb 2006

Does Sametime have you stumped? Before posing a question to our SearchDomino.com experts, check out our collection of frequently asked questions on Sametime administration and troubleshooting. Whether you're trying... Read More

Meeting windows won't appear on Sametime 7 with Sametime Connect 3 client

By Mathew Newman 22 Mar 2007

When connecting to a Lotus Sametime 7 server with the Sametime Connect 3 client, meeting windows may not appear. SearchDomino.com's Sametime administration expert Mathew Newman explains how to fix this Lotus ... Read More

Collaborating with clients who don't have Sametime

By Mathew Newman 12 Aug 2005

This Ask the Expert addresses an important issue for many Domino shops -- extending the benefits of Sametime to customers or clients who do not have it. Read More

A look at Lotus Sametime 7.5

12 Apr 2007

Lotus Sametime 7.5 includes over 150 new features, a new instant messaging GUI and a redesigned Web conferencing interface. Using slides, screenshots, a video demo and detailed tutorials, this collection of ... Read More