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IT compliance policies, standards and technical directives

By Guy Pardon 27 Feb 2009

"A day at the beach can turn into a hurricane fast." That's the tagline Sarah Cortes chose for Inman TechnologyIT, her Cambridge, Massachusetts-based consultancy. What's the context? Disaster ... Read More

Experts: Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights may ease privacy compliance

By Michael Heller 18 Mar 2015

The Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights proposed by the Obama administration is a good first step, according to experts, and may simplify privacy compliance for enterprises currently dealing with many different state ... Read More

Can unfiltered e-discovery result in violations of data breach laws?

05 Oct 2010

As users zero in on privacy and security issues, an unlikely threat to data breach laws has emerged: e-discovery. Avoiding a data breach during e-discovery takes expertise. Read More

How do you align an IT risk assessment with COBIT controls?

By Sarah Cortes 19 Mar 2009

[One of our readers, compliance officer Ramon de Bruijn, wrote to the editors of SearchCompliance.com at editor@searchcompliance.com last month looking for some advice. Specifically, he asked "What ... Read More

What's in the White House Cyberspace Policy Review you need to know?

04 Jun 2009

The White House Cyberspace Policy Review includes recommendations that could fundamentally change the approach to security for U.S. business and organizations. Read More

HIPAA becoming a standard for data protection regulations

11 Jun 2009

HIPAA's jurisdiction is widening as more businesses, organizations and schools provide direct healthcare services to their employees or students. Read More

What will compliance with the Massachusetts data protection act mean?

By Guy Pardon 18 May 2009

A bill being discussed in the Massachusetts Senate proposes major changes to MA GL 93H, the Data Breach Notification Act. These changes could in turn result in revisions to 201 CMR 17.00, the data ... Read More

Mass. Senate seeks to amend, weaken data breach notification law

14 May 2009

A bill being discussed in the Massachusetts Senate proposes major changes to the state's data breach notification law, including encryption requirements and the law's jurisdiction. Read More

NIST, smart grid privacy and social networking for security pros

By Guy Pardon 02 Oct 2009

Last month, the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) outlined a framework for building more intelligence and interoperability into the electrical system of the United States. Such ... Read More