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User self-service challenges mount in multi-cloud computing

By Paul Korzeniowski 14 Feb 2018

Self-service provisioning presents challenges with a single cloud provider, and a multi-cloud strategy only magnifies those issues, as IT seeks to integrate multiple interfaces. Read More

Jamf Pro 10 self-service features entice Apple admins

By Alyssa Provazza 24 Oct 2017

The new version of the Jamf Pro management software, out next week, features an overhauled user interface, more automation and advanced security capabilities. Read More

Business is center stage in Wayfair's self-service BI strategy

By Brian Holak 31 Aug 2017

Wayfair's Nathan Kollett discusses the company's self-service BI strategy and the internal processes and structure that allow BI to thrive. Read More

Self-service BI best practices: 5 dos and don'ts

By Mekhala Roy 30 Aug 2017

In this SearchCIO video, Wayfair's Nathan Kollett enumerates ten self-service BI best practices for organizations to adhere to when implementing a self-service BI initiative. Read More

HR self-service software exits Texas college from email era

By Shaun Sutner 31 Jul 2017

Big Texas community college system moves out of email era into automated HR self-service and HR project management with SaaS software from cloud services vendor. Read More

Apache Arrow to power startup Dremio's self-service data platform

By Jack Vaughan 31 Jul 2017

Data management startup Dremio has aimed its Apache Arrow expertise at the problem of self-service data delivery. In-column caches and optimization speed queries across varied data stores. Read More

Curb on-demand self-service risks with cloud inventory management

By Alan R. Earls 27 Jul 2017

Shadow IT can create compliance and security issues, as well as increase cloud costs. Take back control with these best practices for cloud inventory management. Read More

Chatbots provide faster self-service on SAP systems

By Christine Parizo 16 Mar 2017

The SAP SuccessFactors partnership with collaboration software vendor Slack is just one of many efforts to make little robotic helpers available throughout the SAP ecosystem. Read More

School gets creative to train staff on self-service reporting software

By Ed Burns 01 May 2017

Most workers have other things to worry about in their jobs than learning how to use self-service BI software, so one school tried to make it fun for all staff. Read More

Farmers Insurance turns to self-service capabilities with Salesforce

29 Nov 2016

Farmers Insurance transforms its digital platform with Salesforce Service Cloud. With enhanced self-service capabilities, Farmer's tries to target a new level of customer experience. Read More