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A server is a computer program that provides a service to another computer programs (and its user). In a...Read More

From the server to the edge: the evolution of analytics

By Brian McKenna 06 Dec 2017

In a guest blogpost, Peter Pugh-Jones, head of technology at SAS UK & Ireland, reflects on how the analytics industry is evolving and what organisations need in a data-driven economy. Forty ... Read More

Server Core management remains a challenge for some

By Brian Kirsch 16 Jan 2018

Server Core, the minimal Windows Server deployment, removes some admins from their GUI comfort zone, but its benefits reduce some chores associated with the full server OS. Read More

Cloud projects spur server growth

By Simon Quicke 12 Dec 2017

An analysis of the server market in the third quarter from both Gartner and IDC has revealed that cloud projects are driving forward sales Read More

What is the future of Windows Server?

By Tim Anderson 04 Oct 2017

At its annual Ignite event, Microsoft presented a number of features that give an insight into its strategy Read More

Centralize Ubuntu server management on Landscape

By Stuart Burns 05 Dec 2017

Canonical Landscape brings centralized server management to Ubuntu on physical and virtual machines, as well as cloud systems. See how it works, and explore features such as tagging. Read More

Curb stress from Exchange Server updates with these pointers

By Nathan O'Bryan 22 Jan 2018

Some administrators let the memories of a bad patch linger and put off Exchange updates. Here are some tips to make this necessary chore less of a traumatic experience. Read More

Cyber attackers exploiting trust in FTP servers

By Warwick Ashford 22 Jan 2018

Some cyber attackers are exploiting trust in FTP servers to distribute malware, security researchers warn Read More

Choose between hyper-converged servers and conventional

By Jim O'Reilly 16 Nov 2017

HCI presents a compelling case for admins choosing virtual server systems because of its inexpensive price point, improved throughput, latency reduction and bandwidth expansion. Read More

The 'death' of Windows Nano Server

By Mike Nelson 08 Sep 2017

Microsoft recently made Nano Server a “containers-only” platform. MVP Mike Nelson explains why they’re missing an opportunity. Read More

Consolidate servers with these performance enhancements

By Jim O'Reilly 11 Aug 2017

Higher solid-state drive capacity and CPU core counts are just a couple of the factors leading to the next wave of server consolidation. So, footprint plan accordingly. Read More